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K-Pop Making the Transatlantic Trip to the States, 'Do we Really Want it?'

By Waqas | January 06, 2014 12:45 AM EST

For years K-pop artists have been struggling to make the journey overseas and whilst one artist (Psy) has gone to receive overnight fame in the states, he doesn't necessarily represent the multi-faceted being that is k-pop and so far he has only been shown to be a one hit wonder. Many acts have attempted to break America but none have been able to break through the barrier to the American music market, but do us K-pop fans really want it?

Perhaps the group that came closest to breaking the US was the Wonder Girls. Their debut single in the US 'Nobody' sold over 400,000 copies in the US and despite stalling on the hot 100 at number 76 they seemed poised to break America. Going on tour with the Jonas Brothers and recording their debut album, it looked as though the five girls were going to take the world by storm. However shortly after this Sunmi departed from the group and this severely delayed the girls. However the girls still trudged on, releasing a made-for-tv movie titled 'The Wonder Girls' and released the song 'Like Money' featuring Akon. The single made no dent in the US charts and seemed very generic. It was an attempt to assimilate them into the American market and didn't truly represent K-pop music or the Wonder Girls.

Another two artists who seemed to be the perfect people to introduce K-Pop to a mass American audience would be BoA and Se7en. BoA, the first lady of SM and undisputed queen of K-Pop, is an artist who was a frontrunner of the Hallyu Wave leading Korean artists to Japan. Se7en was YG Entertainments pop prince who has conquered most of Asia. Both their career's failed to gain any traction in the US and came back to Asia where their success and popularity is still growing!

K-pop acts are still poised to break the US market, Psy may have made this possible or he may have hindered this depending on the way you look at it. Whilst he has opened the door for acts from Korea, Psy is more of a comedy act, his song was catchy and his video was highly entertaining but his songs are mostly EDM flavoured therefore it fit in well with the songs that were popular in the American market during that period. He just doesn't represent the diverse K-Pop artists that comeback with different styles and concepts each time.

Korea's top girl groups 2NE1 and Girls' Generation have been getting a lot of attention stateside with 2NE1 featuring on Will.I.Am's '#wilpower' album and Girls' Generation winning 'Video of the Year' at the first 'Youtube Awards' and being featured as number 5 on TIME's 'Top 10 songs of 2013'. If anything these two groups are poised to do big things in America, but do we want them to? Will these groups stay true to the diversity that k-pop is or will they simply follow the trends just to fit into the American market, only time will tell!

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