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P.O.P did an amazing cover of BTS'

P.O.P Did An Amazing Job Covering BTS' Latest Hit Song 'Spring Day'

Concerts / Perform 05.18.17 | 03:51PM EDT

P.O.P haven't made their debut but they already received much attention by covering BTS' song "Spring Day."

TWICE on 'Weekly Idol'

TWICE's Jeongyeon Gets The Hammer On The Head on 'Weekly Idol' [WATCH]

Fun 05.18.17 | 12:25PM EDT

TWICE recently appeared on MBC's "Weekly Idol" and participated in the "Random Play Dance" segment where member Jeongyeon got the [toy] hammer in the head.

Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young Dating

Park Hyung Sik & Park Bo Young Dating: Park Bo Young Admits That Strong On-Screen Chemistry Was Not Just Acting

Breaking News 05.18.17 | 10:27AM EDT

Will Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young finally make their fans dreams come true? Reports are rife that the puppy couple may be ready to take their on-screen romance based on their recent interviews.

ARMYs demanded BULLDOK's Hyung Eun to apologize properly after her rude comment about BTS' V.

ARMYs Demanded Hyung Eun To Apologize Properly To BTS Before Leaving BULLDOK

Headlines 05.18.17 | 02:13PM EDT

Hyung Eun received hate comments after showing disrespect for BTS'V in a show. ARMYs demanded her to apologize properly to BTS.

Park Shin Hye for Marie Claire Korea

Park Shin Hye Showcases Sophisticated Chic In Marie Claire Summer Issue

Breaking News 05.18.17 | 10:20AM EDT

Marie Claire Korea has revealed their June cover girl and it's none other than "The Heirs" star Park Shin Hye. For its summer feature, the magazine took the actress to the streets of Paris where she strolled around looking designer label chic.


Curious About New K-pop Group ACE? Here's What You Need To Know

Breaking News 05.18.17 | 09:16AM EDT

Five-member K-pop group ACE is about to debut on May 23 with their first single "Cactus" and there is currently plenty of interest surrounding this bunch.

2 Chain got praised for their cover of Crush song

2 Chain's Cover Of 'You And I' Received Compliments From Netizens

Concerts / Perform 05.21.17 | 05:04PM EDT

2 Chain just did a cover of Crush's song "You and I" and their performance was praised by netizens. Check it out!

24K Releases New 'Addiction' Teaser Images For Their Comeback

24K Releases New 'Addiction' Teaser Images For Their Comeback

Celebrities 05.19.17 | 12:35PM EDT

24K has just released a set of new teaser images for their latest album, "Addiction".

The Reason Why Sistar's Soyou Donates $9,000 To Red Cross

The Reason Why Sistar's Soyou Donated $9,000 To Red Cross

Celebrities 05.17.17 | 05:16PM EDT

Sistar's Soyou shows her generous side as she has just donated $9,000 to Red Cross.

Shin Se Kyung

Shin Se Kyung Renews Contract With Namoo Actors After 15 Years, To Star In Bride Of The Water God' This July

Breaking News 05.17.17 | 11:27AM EDT

"The Girl Who Sees Smells" actress Shin Se Kyung has renewed her contract with Namoo Actors even after 15 years with the agency. The happy news was announced by the agency which has been handling the actress' career since she was in elementary school.

The Truth Behind Lee Yi Kyung's Apology For Revealing Taeyeon As His Ideal Type

The Truth Behind Lee Yi Kyung's Apology For Revealing Taeyeon As His Ideal Type

Celebrities 05.17.17 | 04:57PM EDT

The reason why Lee Yi Kyung apologized for her recent statement regarding Taeyeon has finally been unveiled.

Shannon Says She'd Sign With YG Entertainment If She Won 'K-Pop Star 6'

Shannon Says She'd Sign With YG Entertainment If She Won 'K-Pop Star 6'

Celebrities 05.17.17 | 04:52PM EDT

Shannon of "K-pop Star 6" has just revealed that she would have chosen YG Entertainment if she won the talent show.

Lee Min Ho Might Quit Military Service For Suzy Bae

Lee Min Ho Might Quit Military Service For Suzy Bae

Celebrities 05.17.17 | 05:02PM EDT

Lee Min Ho is reported to be quitting his military service for the sake of his girlfriend, Suzy Bae.

BTS Spine Breaker MV

BTS Shows Comedic Swag In Self-Produced 'Spine Breaker' MV

Breaking News 05.17.17 | 11:31AM EDT

As if they're not busy enough with their concert series, promotions, and recordings, BTS is even thinking of their fans whenever they're taking a break. During their downtime for their concert in Chile, they boys pooled their ideas to make an official MV for the fan favorite track "Spine Breaker."

Song Joong Ki

Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo Dating: ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ Actor Plays Bank Clerk On ‘Man To Man’, Changed His Mind To Go On Hiatus?

Celebrities 05.17.17 | 10:57AM EDT

Song Joong Ki will be making a cameo on JTBC's "Man to Man" despite his decision to take a break. Does this have something to do with his rumored girlfriend Song Hye Kyo?

Choa Reportedly Dating Najin Industry CEO

AOA’s ChoA Reportedly Dating Najin’s CEO, Wrote Letter To Fans To Address Disbandment Rumor

Celebrities 05.17.17 | 11:10AM EDT

AOA's Choa is rumored to be dating a CEO. However, FNC Entertainment is still contacting her to find out the truth.


TWICE's 'Signal' Breaks Their Own Record For 1st Day Album Sales

Breaking News 05.17.17 | 02:22AM EDT

It seems that TWICE's biggest competition these days are themselves. The girls managed to break their own record for the most album sales on the first day.

Gu Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun

Gu Hye Sun Recovering From Illness; Shares Art Project With Husband Ahn Jae Hyun On Instagram

Breaking News 05.17.17 | 02:50AM EDT

It wasn't too long ago that "Boys Over Flowers" actress Gu Hye Sun had to withdraw from the drama "You're Too Much" after she suffered severe allergic reaction on the set of the show. But now, she seems to be recovering well with the support of her husband and they are currently bonding over an art project.


UEE Will Potentially Leave Pledis Entertainment After Her Contract Expires At The End Of This Month

Celebrities 05.16.17 | 02:35PM EDT

UEE will be agent free at the end of this month. Many people predict she will leave Pledis Entertainment.

LOOΠΔ Unveils New Member And Plans For 2018 Debut

LOOΠΔ Unveils New Member And Plans For 2018 Debut

Celebrities 05.16.17 | 02:30PM EDT

LOOΠΔ is preparing for their grand debut. With it, they also revealed their newest member.

The Possible Onew And Seungyeun Love Tandem For 'Generation Of Youth 2'

Onew And Seungyeun Love Tandem For 'Generation Of Youth 2'

Celebrities 05.17.17 | 04:20PM EDT

Onew and Seungyeun are reported to become a love tandem in "Generation of Youth 2."

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