This Idol Claimed 'Idol School' Sexualizes Show Participants & Netizens Have Shocking Reactions

Headlines 07.13.17 | 07:00PM EDT

This Idol Claimed 'Idol School' Sexualizes Show Participants & Netizens Have Shocking Reactions


Heechul Names Shindong the Best at Lip Syncing Among Super Junior Members: Heechul & Yura to Host 'Life's Bar' Season 2

Headlines 04.21.17 | 04:53AM EDT

Heechul named Shindong as the best in lip syncing in "I Can See Your Voice 4"


Heechul Reminisced His Kissing Scene With Uhm Hyun Kyung & Addressed Rumor About His Sexuality On “Happy Together”

Hot Issues 03.17.17 | 06:15AM EDT

Super Junior's Heechul has once again debunked the rumor about his sexual orientation on KBS' "Happy Together".


Heechul reveals what Super Junior means to him

Hot Issues 11.25.16 | 06:53PM EST

In a recent interview, Heechul had given a 'touching' answer when he was asked what Super Junior means to him. Check out the heartwarming interview here.

Heechul Talks About Sohee and His Ex Girlfriend on TvN's Taxi

Heechul talks about his love for Sohee and his conversation with LSM about an ex-girlfriend on TvN’s ‘Taxi’

Hot Issues 11.24.16 | 09:12AM EST

Heechul has once again talked about his undying love for Wonder Girls' Sohee. He also opened up about his ex girlfriend on TvN’s ‘Taxi."

SM Station released the newest MV featuring Heechul and Min Kyung Hoon with TWICE's Momo for

Heechul and Min Kyung Hoon's 'Sweet Dream' for SM STATION

Trending News 11.22.16 | 04:37PM EST

The romantic-dramatic-comedy music video of Heechul with Min Kyung Hoon will surely give you the feels.

SM Station Releases 'Sweet Dream' MV With Momo, Hee Chul and the rest of Knowing Bros Cast

SM Station releases 'Sweet Dream' MV with Momo, Hee Chul and the rest of Knowing Bros cast

Trending News 11.21.16 | 02:49PM EST

SM Station has releases the music video for "Sweet Dream" with Twice's Momo, Hee Chul and the rest of "Knowing Brothers" Cast. "Sweet Dream" has acheieved numerous number one on different Korena music charts after its release.


Super Junior's Kyuhyun to make comeback this November with new solo album

Trending News 10.20.16 | 11:11PM EDT

SM Entertainment confirms that Kyuhyun of the largely popular Kpop group Super Junior is in fact working on a new album which may be released this November.

donghae handsome selfie

A letter from the army, Super Junior's Donghae gives fans update on his birthday

Trending News 10.18.16 | 08:55PM EDT

A year after his enlistment and on his birthday, Super Junior's Donghae wrote a letter to his fans.


EXO, Super Junior, Red Velvet To Unite For SM Entertainment's Subsidiary Web Variety Show

Headlines 03.19.16 | 08:20AM EDT

Several SM stars will work together for the agency's new web variety show.

Hani and Heechul

Super Junior's Heechul and EXID's Hani To Be New MC's For MBC's 'Weekly Idol'

Headlines 03.17.16 | 11:57PM EDT

Heechul and Hani will be the new hosts for 'Weekly Idol' while Jung Hyung Don recovers.

yesung, heechul

Super Junior's Heechul Supports Yesung's New Job Working At The Market?

Buzz 10.22.15 | 01:07AM EDT

Super Junior's member Yesung became a market employee.

heechul, donghae, eunhyuk

Super Junior's Heechul Posts A Photo Of Donghae & Eunhyuk Before Enlistment

Buzz 10.15.15 | 08:29PM EDT

Group Super Junior's member Heechul revealed his love for his members.


SMTown Boys Gather Before Super Junior's Eunhyuk Enlists

Buzz 10.13.15 | 07:16PM EDT

Artists of SM Entertainment gathered before Super Junior's member Eunhyuk went into the army, catching much attention.


Super Junior's Heechul Goes Home For Thanksgiving

Buzz 09.27.15 | 01:45PM EDT

The singer spends the Chuseok holiday with his family.

heechul, hani

Super Junior's Heechul And EXID's Hani Dub Themselves As 'Hee Siblings' For Red Velvet

Buzz 09.18.15 | 12:06AM EDT

Super Junior's member Heechul showed support for Red Velvet with EXID's Hani.

Super Junior Heechul Girls Generation Taeyeon SHINee Jonghyun

Blond SM Entertainment Idol Trio Of Taeyeon, Heechul And Jonghyun Take Group Selfie

Buzz 08.28.15 | 08:26AM EDT

The so-called Blond Kims of SM Entertainment got together for a cute photo.


5-Member ZE:A Project Group Launches Chinese Promotions With 'Marry Me'

Headlines 08.11.15 | 10:02AM EDT

ZE:A J released their debut music video for 'Marry Me.'

heechul, boa

Super Junior's Heechul Shares A Photo Taken With BoA On Instagram

Buzz 07.24.15 | 05:49PM EDT

Super Junior's member Heechul revealed a picture taken with BoA.

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