BTS won Billboard's Top Social Artist for 2 consecutive years

Headlines 05.22.18 | 11:18PM EDT

BTS won the Billboard Music Awards (BBMA) for the second consecutive year for the first time as a Korean singer.


BTS 'Fake Love', K Pop shortest 10 million • 20 million view

Headlines 05.18.18 | 11:58PM EDT

BTS succeeded in breaking the YouTube 10 million view and the 20 million view in the shortest time in the history of Korean singer.


BTS, Jimin is threatened to kill

Headlines 05.13.18 | 05:30PM EDT

BTS member Jimin was threatened with the murder of foreign fans, and his agency said, "We will do our best to take necessary measures".


BTS will appear at 'Ellen Show' in May

Headlines 05.02.18 | 08:36PM EDT

Group BTS will come back on stage at the US 'Ellen Show'.


BTS tops 1.44 million new album orders

Hot Issues 04.25.18 | 08:25PM EDT

BTS 's new album "LOVE YOURSELF 轉' Tear '" has exceeded the order volume of 1.44 million domestic orders.


BTS nominated for 'Billboard Music Awards' for 2 consecutive years

Hot Issues 04.18.18 | 09:54PM EDT

BTS has been nominated for the US Billboard Music Awards for the second consecutive year.


Grazy Grace Gets Even Crazier In Our Exclusive Interview

Interviews 05.19.18 | 05:25PM EDT

Crazy Grace Gets Even Crazier In Our Exclusive Interview


Jimin Won Three Consecutive Personal Awards

Hot Issues 04.17.18 | 10:02PM EDT

Peeper 'March Best K Pop Artist' Selected BTS as best group, Jimin won three consecutive personal awards.


BTS, 2017 Star Selected by Korean Fans From All Over the World

Hot Issues 04.16.18 | 09:59PM EDT

The 13th Annual Soompi Awards were announced on the 17th.


BTS, Singer Brand Reputation #1

Hot Issues 04.05.18 | 08:15PM EDT

BTS ranked first in singer brands.


BTS 'Face Your Self' Japan Oricon Daily Chart # 1

Hot Issues 04.05.18 | 07:43PM EDT

The third album, "FACE YOURSELF," released by BTS in Japan, topped the Oricon chart.


Netmarble Games invests $200 million in 'BigHit Entertainment'

Hot Issues 04.04.18 | 09:32PM EDT

Netmarble Games announced that it will become the second largest shareholder with a stake of 25.7% by investing $200 million in BigHit Entertainment.


BTS: 41 Fun Facts You Must Know About The Most Successful Kpop Boy Band (Bangtan Sonyeondan)

Trendz 04.06.18 | 01:53PM EDT

BTS has been catapulted to stardom after being recognized worldwide. It has become lauded by so many fans and even gained a lot of prominent supporters.


BTS Announce Possibility of Disbandment

Hot Issues 04.01.18 | 10:53PM EDT

BTS Announce Possibility of Disbandment and fans are sending in their emotional support on this odd day.


BTS documentary is finally revealed

Hot Issues 03.27.18 | 10:27PM EDT

'BTS: Burn the Stage' will be released on YouTube 'bulletproof TV' at midnight on the 28th.


BTS Win American KCA Award

Headlines 03.25.18 | 01:49PM EDT

The BTS won the Global Music Star award at the America's 2018 Kids Choice Awards (KCA).


BTS music video reached 2 Billion Views on Youtube

Headlines 03.22.18 | 10:08PM EDT

Mic Drop remix version of the BTS topped YouTube 's 200 million view.


BTS character 'BT21’,very hot at Japan

Headlines 03.21.18 | 09:32PM EDT

BT21, a character created by the group BTS, is loved in Japan.


BTS Touching Documentary Trailer

Headlines 03.20.18 | 08:22AM EDT

A documentary that shows the growth process of the BTS is released through YouTube.


BTS, Youtube 10 million subscribers

Headlines 03.19.18 | 10:09PM EDT

BigHeat Entertainment's official YouTube account subscribers of the group BTS have surpassed 10 million.


Group BTS won the 'I Heart Radio Music Awards 2018'.

Headlines 03.15.18 | 09:12PM EDT

The BTS received the Best Boy Band Award and the Best Fandom Award at the awards ceremony hosted by New York-based internet radio station iHeartRADIO in Englewood, Calif., On November 11 (local time).

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