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5 K-Pop Reality Shows We’d Watch

If there's one thing K-Pop's not short of, it's reality TV. They've got everything from popular groups raising a kid in Hello Baby to watching two stars fumble through a pretend marriage in We Got Married. But hey, there's always room for more TV!

Just in case some Korean broadcasters are looking for more reality show ideas, we've got a few ideas that would make great television:

In this show, K-Pop stars would get to share their knowledge of fashion and performance with an unsuspecting fan. Each episode would feature a handful of K-Pop solo stars or a handful of groups competing against other groups to do the best makeover.

An episode would start by each team finding a makeover candidate -- maybe in a crowded shopping center or at the end of a day of school. Then, they'd give them a head-to-toe makeover, working together to shop for a new outfit, helping them with their hair and makeup and coaching them through a pageant-like competition. There, the made-over fans would showcase their new looks and maybe a talent or two.

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The winning duo would win a prize and lifetime bragging rights.

Who's the Star?  This show would be perfect because each episode could feature a new group or a bunch of solo artists and actors. It also offers the possibility to introduce guest judges from the entertainment and fashion industries.

Potential Storylines: Superfans hyperventilating and/or collapsing from the thrill of working with their favorite star; the chance to see what idols are like when working one on one with fans; evaluating how much each K-Pop star actually knows about fashion and how much their assistants and managers do for them; potentially revealing hidden rivalries between K-Pop A-listers.

Cribs, K-Pop Style

Okay, so this isn't a new idea, but maybe we can dream it into existence. MTV used to give us Cribs, the show that guided fans through a tour of their favorite entertainers' homes. This has huge potential in the K-Pop world - who doesn't want to see if HyunA has a closet full of shoes that could rival Mariah Carey's infamous stash, or where Taeyang sits down to watch his favorite shows every night?

What to Watch For: In nearly every Cribs episode, the stars had perfectly maintained refrigerators - they opened it up and inside were perfect rows of Vitamin Waters or condiments. Cleaned up for the show, or truly a quirk in the lifestyles of the rich and famous? We'll have to watch K-Pop Cribs to find out.

Bonus Points: Since this is a show that was already wildly popular in the West, it could help reach new fans around the world.

Sibling House

K-Pop is known for being a family business, and there are already a few shows that trail famous industry siblings like Jessica and Krystal. But what about a challenge show that pits famous K-Pop siblings against each other? The duos could live in the house together. Along with the inevitable fights that could come between a bunch of idols living in a house together, the sibling duos could also compete to see which pair can whip up the best dinner for the house, or other more physical challenges and missions. Each week, one pair would get eliminated, leaving a finale for two sibling duos to square off and once and for all earn the title of Best K-Pop Siblings.

Drama Potential: Everyone knows the first rule of having a brother or sister -- you can talk all the trash you want about yours, but the second someone else does, you've got to defend them till death. Viewers would be able to watch both sibling rivalries and camaraderie unfold over the season.


For a lot of K-Pop idols, performance has been a way of life since they were young, with many of them forgoing typical schooling or teenage activities in order to devote their life to stardom. That's why it would be hysterical to watch some of these lifelong stars have to switch lives with an ordinary citizen for a day or two, with each having to live out each other's lives. BoA, meet Ji-woo, a financial advisor in Gangnam. Good luck offering up money advice to your clients today!

Added Education: Most regular folks have no idea what it's like to live under the constant scrutiny that many K-Pop stars deal with day in and day out. The show might help average fans realize that the life of a star isn't as glamorous as it seems, and might stop them from judging idols unfairly the next time they're caught in an unflattering photo or make a public mistake.

Behind the K-Pop Scenes

K-Pop fans almost always see just the finished product - a stunning live concert or a flawless new video. To get to that point, though, there's an incredible amount of work being done by some of the most cutthroat, demanding, and dedicated businesspeople. This show would take newbies that are trying to break into the music industry and pit them against each other in an elimination reality show. Each week, the hungry young professionals would take on different challenges like planning a last minute A-list party or promoting an up-and-coming star. A long time industry bigwig - perhaps Lee Soo-man or Park Jin-young - would mentor and ultimately judge the contestants along the way.

Big-Time Risks and Rewards: The winner of the show would walk away with a contract to represent a big name star or have an executive position in one of the big three entertainment industries. Are they really cut out for the job? That could be Season Two!

Play Along At Home: Most K-Pop fans are pretty sure they don't have the pipes, good looks, or dance moves to make it as a star, but business savvy is another story. This show would allow viewers to see if they have what it takes to orchestrate one of Korea's most profitable industries. 

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