Dec 16, 2016 | 04:34 AM EST

‘Sweet Stranger and Me' wraps up its finale with a happy ending for Na-Ri and Nan-Gil

After a bumpy road, Nan-Gil and Na-Ri finally find their happiness in the “Sweet Stranger and Me” Episode 16 as Nan-Gil propose to Na-Ri and she smiles. The period drama “Hwarang” will take over the time slot as Monday and Tuesday night KBS drama.

KBS family drama “Sweet Stranger and Me” has ended its story with a happy ending to the weird love story betwen Nan-Gil and Na-Ri. In the episode 15 as reviewed by Seoul Daily News, Duk-Bong asked Na-Ri out for an event which made Nan-Gil jealous.

In the “Sweet Stranger and Me” Episode 16, Nan-Gil proposed to Na-Ri. He offered her a ring and propose to her.

Nari and Nan-Gil is finally able to find happiness in the end of the drama.

The drama “Sweet Stranger and Me” has ended with a very bad ratings. Its average ratings in both AGB Nielsen and TnMS for the entire 16 episodes is only around 5 percent. After the 10 percent ratings reached Top 20 in the first episode,the drama's ratings plunged entering the second week and never able to bounce back ever since.

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One of the main cause of the drastic crash in its ratings is the drama’s weird story. The deama is an adaptation from webtoon with the same title written by Yoo Hyun-Sook, which was written into the drama script by script writer Kim Eun-Jung. The story of the drama is so weird, and most people were very inconvenient with the story which similar to an incest relationship between Nan-Gil, Na-Ri and Na-Ri’s mother.

Therefore many viewers, including international audience slowly left the drama, and its final episode only gained less than 5 percent of ratings in either TnMS and AGB Nielsen Korea. Watch the preview of “Sweet Stranger and Me” Episode 16 with English subtitle aired Wednesday Dec. 14 on KBS World TV below:

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