Jan 24, 2017 | 20:50 PM EST

Suzy Shares Stories From Filming 'Yes No Maybe' MV In Hong Kong, Plus Special Clip For Fans

Suzy's recent song that was released on Jan. 24 was a great success. Giving the MV for "Yes No Maybe", she showed her beautiful voice and great acting. She was amazing, playing the character of a girl who couldn't move on from her boyfriend. Recently, she shared some stories from filming the music video.

The music video of her recent song is a great work. Many fans give positive comments on it. But there was a memorable scene for her when she filmed the scene on laundromat. It was not filmed on set and that there were some people on the other side who did the laundry. As the owner was kind, she could film the scene nicely, according to report from Soompi.

Most of the scenes from the MV were taken in Hong Kong. With night street view, Suzy was walking down the street to go to her boyfriend. She also said that she was on a tight schedule when filming, but she was glad that it turned out really well, according to report from AllKpop.

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Suzy didn't only drop the MV. There is also special clip for "Yes No Maybe". On this clip, she is dancing with some back dancers. This concept really gives sexy aura on her, with red lipstick and long hair. There is also rope used as the prop for dancing.

Suzy dances really well on the clip, and it was ended by the hug from her to a man (back dancer). Such a great performance from her and it shows that she is really mature on her music. Having a main group with Miss A, Suzy stands out with her activity in acting and her solo album.

The previous song "Pretend" was also a huge success as she got an all-kill. Thus, Park Jin Young praised her on his instagram. With "Yes No Maybe", Suzy also hopes for a nice respond from her fans.

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