May 12, 2017 | 11:43 AM EDT

Gong Yoo Seeks Review Of Working Conditions For K-Drama Filming Crew, Says Excessive Working Hours Need To Be Addressed

Gong Yoo is putting his newfound celebrity to good use by speaking up about the working conditions of filming crews for Korean dramas and highlighting the plight of the sector. The "Goblin" actor made the statement during a recent fan meeting held in Hong Kong.

According to a report by Straits Times, Gong Yoo highlighted the need to review the current set up for filming and emphasized the long working hours that production staff have to endure. He said that audiences appreciate the end product but they also need to understand what goes on behind the scenes for the workers responsible for these excellent productions.

"A lot of the staff cannot sleep or rest well. They film from morning to night and, if some voices and sounds cannot be captured, they have to go back to the recording studio," Gong Yoo said about the dedication of the filming staff. "They can rest only after the recording is done."

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As such, Gong Yoo said that there should be an effort to address the plight of the filming crew to improve their working conditions. The "Goblin" actor said that it is important to ensure even better working atmosphere for future dramas.

Gong Yoo, who recently won the Best Actor at the prestigious Baeksang Art Awards 2017 for his portrayal of the immortal god Kim Shin also did not forget to give credit to the effort of the production in the success of "Goblin." He paid tribute to their hard work in his speech, Kpopstarz reported.

The "Goblin" actor also used the stage to admit to his shortcomings as a son and tearfully apologized to his mother during the speech. In a moving tribute, Gong Yoo said that his mother has been very disappointed with him lately for being too busy to visit that she has remarked that he seemed like some other person's son than her own. Gong Yoo said that he is sorry for causing his mother grief and vowed to do better in the future. 

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