Jun 19, 2017 | 10:59 AM EDT

WINNER’s Song Min Ho Got New Haircut After Losing Bet On ‘New Journey To The West 4’

WINNER member, Song Min Ho, is known for his dumb image on tvN's variety show "New Journey to The West 4." Unlucky for him, he was forced to shave his head after he miscalculated his strategy on the game of Ping-Pong.

On the premiere episode of "New Journey to The West 4" that was aired on June 13, the members were gathered at a restaurant for a dinner, Soompi reported. During the meal, the members were involved in a heated debate to find out who's the funniest in WINNER and Super Junior.

When asked who the funniest member of WINNER is, Song Min Ho said that Kim Jin Woo is the funniest one since everyone would be surprised with what he's thinking. In response to Song Min Ho's answer, Lee Soo Geun said Min Ho shouldn't have complimented Kim Jin Woo too much since he might be replaced by Jin Woo.

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Song Min Ho, out of the blue, shared that he has become some sort of expert on Ping-Pong. Lee Soo Geun warned him to be careful of his words and brought up how Eun Ji Won had to shave his head after losing a ping-pong bet on the previous season.

According to Allkpop, Song Min Ho, who claimed has become smarter in the new season, was persisted that he can win the bet since he previously beat up Kyuhyun and Ji Won Hyung. Kang Do Hong then suggested Min Ho and Lee Soo Geun compete on another ping-pong bet.

With his utmost confidence, Song Min Ho accepted the challenge as well as asked for his boss' permission to shave his head in case he loses the bet. To his surprise, YG boss, Yang Hyun Suk said that Song Min Ho will look much prettier if he shaved his head.

In the end, Song Min Ho had to admit that he sucked at the game after losing 10 to 0. Knowing that Lee Min Ho will be the loser, the producers had invited his stylist to redo his hair after he was forced to shave his hair. 

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