Jul 07, 2017 | 20:19 PM EDT

Jeon So Mi Reveals True Thoughts About 'Unnies Slam' & Members

After winning over the K-Pop world during her time on 'Produce IOI,' the mixed star had stolen our hearts again in 'Unnies Slam Dunk 2.' Now she revealed her thoughts on the show and what it was like working with her unnies.

Since the end of both shows and her performances, the idol has been tirelessly working hard to become the perfect idol. Jeon So Mi shared, "I've been taking some personal time to improve my skills. I usually head to the studio and practice after school or move on to my next schedule." 

In regards to her time and work with Unnies on 'Unnies Slam Dunk 2', she commented, "I didn't think that the team would even flourish at first, but I became really attached afterward."  She continued saying, "It was fun working alongside the Unnies. It was difficult, but a very affectionate time. The songs were so catchy."

Star News continued to report on the singer and her future success. For now, she is continuing her training and has no plans for any other broadcasts anytime soon. Unfortunate, but we hope to see Jeon So Mi back in action and on the stage again soon. Fans question if she will be strong enough to be marketed as a soloist or join a group. 

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