Jul 11, 2017 | 16:41 PM EDT

The 'Mullet' Hairstyle Is Trending For K-Pop Idols?

Something we all feared may be happening in the world of K-Pop fashion. Mullets. Yes, it is believed mullets are making a (gross) comeback due to the idols rocking them in their recent fashion - both on the stage and in pictorials.

All starting with G-Dragon during one of his recent concerts, fans and netizens have begun to notice the awful hairstyle on various idols. It sparked more attention when EXO's recent teaser images featuring Baekhyun showed the singer sporting a red and brown hairstyle with highlights coming from his mullet and falling across his neck.

But it isn't just for comebacks and stage performances. Sadly, the mullet is making its way across the board and even being worn for everyday life and out in public. Just look at Block B's Zico pictured above. Even hit rapper DEAN was seen sporting the odd style. 

What do you think of this hairstyle making a comeback? Not so bad or absolutely awful? Check out other stars rocking the hairstyle down below too such as Song Min Ho and Nam Joo Hyuk!

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