Jul 20, 2017 | 17:04 PM EDT

What Did T.O.P Say After Receiving His $12 Fine & Sentence?

After the trial for T.O.P ended earlier today, T.O.P received his final sentence. Fans had plenty of comments for his final sentence as well as the idol's future - but the real questions is what are T.O.P's thoughts on the final results?

After being sentenced to 2 years probation with 10 months in prison if he breaks his probation, alongside a measly $12 fine, T.O.P had spoken to the press about his current state. "I am currently reflecting on my actions. There are no other words to express how sorry I am," then he bowed his head.

The singer continued to state that he vows to live with a brand new heart after receiving his sentence. In regards to his military service, T.O.P replied, "Depending on the probation terms, I will do my best to serve in the military." You can view the video of his public apology down below! 

Fans felt that T.O.P has truly suffered a lot from the scandal and are sad to see him in such a dark state. Despite reflecting on his actions, the singer still appears conflicted. Fans commented that, "Korea's drug laws are too harsh," and "I wish idols didn't have to always apologize for every little thing they do..." What do you think of T.O.P's apology? As an idol, it is needed or is it completely forced and unnecessary? 

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