Jul 26, 2017 | 21:44 PM EDT

This Person Reveals Their Shock Over Sungmin's Boycott From Super Junior

After the news of Sungmin being literally boycotted by fans to participate in the 'SM TOWN' concert, the current future promotions with Super Junior and activity related to Super Junior in Korea and Japan, many people expressed their displeasure with these so called fans. But the event really struck a chord with one person.

After the success of the 'Sungmin Out' protest, Sungmin's Mother took to social media and 'The Korea Herald' to deliver a personal message about her thoughts on the matter and the mistreatment towards his son from the public. Mrs. Kang said, "The elders often say that the young people are too weak nowadays. Sungmin, who promoted as an idol for a long time, also grew up weak without knowing the world. I believe he'll become stronger due to this incident." 

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Mrs. Kang continued, "Not a lot of things go as planned. Same with this incident. I think it's important to accept the reality and change yourself in situations such as these." As for Sungmin's well-being, she said, "I think he's holding on better than I thought. He's also reflecting on his actions. Recently, he's been taking classes to learn new things and he's helping his wife." Fans can feel the sincerity in her message. 

Despite the matter, Sungmin is continuing to better himself personally as he mentioned in his apology letter. Super Junior is scheduled to make a comeback in October as a group of 7 without Sungmin, RyeowookKyuhyun, and Kangin. What do you think of this saddening news?

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