Aug 28, 2017 | 12:06 PM EDT

Which Wanna One Member Was Caught Picking His Nose?

With the popularity of new sensational boy group Wanna One continuing to grow, it seems the talented young boys cannot find a moment away from the camera. Now, a funny video and photo have been circulating of a Wanna One member supposedly picking his nose.

Unfortunately, the most talked about member Kang Daniel was the one accused of the gross crime. A video recorded by TopStarNews shows the Wanna One members traveling to Incheon Airport before heading to KCON LA.

While many were preoccupied with praising the idol's stunning airport fashion sense, some netizens are stuck on the debate whether it was just a nose scratch or a quick "pick & flick."

Either way, no one can deny that Kang Daniel's choice in fashion definitely stunned the crowd and any of his clothes will become a hot trend in no time. What do you think of Kang Daniel's choice of fashion and alleged nose picking? Share your thoughts down below. 

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