Aug 31, 2017 | 15:23 PM EDT

How Did EXO's Kai Make G-Friend's Yerin So Angry?

G-Friend's Yerin, as well as the other members, became a little cross with EXO's Kai after he brushed aside her complaints on an episode of 'Happy Together 3.'

During the episode, Yerin had complained that their latest choreography was rather difficult. As some fans already know, the choreographer is famous for working with boy groups like BTS and EXO, so the boys are familiar with just how difficult the dance routines can be.

When member Yerin decided to take to the stage and show off just how difficult the choreography could be, the idol received mixed reviews. Taemin of SHINee showed sympathy by saying, ""It might look easy but a lot of techniques were used. For example, there was Neck-O-Flex, which is when the upper body and the leg go opposite. There were also a lot of steps." EXO's Kai had a different opinion.

"Well, we do male choreography, and honestly, it didn't seem that difficult...," said Kai, to which Yerin replied, "Hul, it's really hard but many people go, 'It seems easier than your previous choreography'." 

It seems the girls of G-Friend are just scratching the surface when it comes o difficult boy group choreography. What do you think of Kai's rather cynical response?

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