Sep 11, 2017 | 23:08 PM EDT

Pentagon Reveal Their Biggest Accomplishment As A Group Was This

Boy group Pentagon had held a showcase for the latest album 'DEMO_01' which highlighted their various tracks as well as their lead single "Like This." While the boys revealed many interesting about themselves, one achievement stood out the most for fans.

While discussing the various tracks off of their album, leader Hui had revealed how hard he worked on composing the title song "Like This." He is also well known for creating hit songs for Wanna One such as "Energetic." However, it isn't just leader Hui who stands out - the whole group worked towards composing a track on this album.

During an interview, the boys stated, "This album is the first album to be filled with all of the Pentagon members' own songs, including the title track." They continued, "We participated in this meeting, jacket meeting and choreography meeting." Leader Hui then revealed, "I think this is our biggest achievement." If you haven't already, listen to the Pentagon's newest song down below!

What do you think of their amazing EDM inspired comeback?

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