Sep 18, 2017 | 21:46 PM EDT

The Person Behind BTS's Inspiration For Their New Album Truly Surprised Fans

The boys of BTS truly surprised fans this week with the release of their newest album 'Love Yourself: Her' alongside their new MV releases. Now, the boys discussed how they were inspired by one man and international icon.

Believe it or not, according to Rap Monster, former President Barack Obama was a huge inspiration for the group - especially for their track "MIC Drop." The song is actually based off a speech the President had given in the past that went viral due to his legitimate mic drop after speaking.

During a press conference at the Lotte Seoul Hotel, Rap Monster described his influence by stating, The mic drop by former President Obama after his speech went viral. It's an act of completing a speech and it also tends to mean my speech was cool." Check out the awesome video down below!

Rap Monster further commented that "The track related to that is 'MIC Drop'. It's a song that includes our swag, ambition, and confidence, and it was inspired by Obama's performance." As expected, BTS can find inspiration in the most unique of places and utilize only the most influential things. Don't forget to check out their new song "DNA" down below!

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