Sep 23, 2017 | 23:06 PM EDT

Park Joon Hyung Attacked & Robbed By Thugs in Belgium

Disaster strikes when a live recording of 'Buying Hardships' went terribly wrong after cast member Park Joon Hyung was attacked and almost mugged by thugs in Belgium.

The idol star shared a small video clip of the episode which captures the event. It shows the cast and crew walking through the streets of Belgium very late at night, making their way towards their hotel. Suddenly, a group of men approached Park Joon Hyung in a friendly manner until they suddenly grabbed him.

After realizing they were trying to steal his things, Park Joon Hyung started shouting "Hey," and pushing the men aside. He then drops his bags and threatens to fight them when the men begin to back down and start cursing and calling him racial slurs.

Fortunately, nothing happened to the cast and crew and security had rushed over to immediately help address the situation. Park Joon Hyung warned fans and viewers to be safe in the streets of any foreign country and left a serious caption alongside the video.:

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"Basically in whatever country you go to there will be good people and bad. But u always need to becareful~especially at night in a new place/foreign environment that you have never been to before~u will automatically be a magnet to trouble since you will stick out like a sore thumb~ even in your own neighborhood in the middle of the night can be dangerous but even moreso in a foreign environment~ so EVERYONE if u do go traveling and go out at night PLEASE becareful and move in groups and not alone..."

You can view the shocking video via Instagram down below.


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