Sep 28, 2017 | 19:37 PM EDT

The Reason Why Fan Wars Break Out Among Fans of TWICE & Black Pink

It seems there isn't peace among fans of TWICE and Black Pink after the two girl groups' fandoms waged war against each other over popularity and their videos on YouTube.

Currently, TWICE's MVs were reported to have the most dislikes on YouTube among K-Pop groups and songs. Now, netizens are blaming fans of Black Pink (mainly international fans) for the negative actions against the girl group. But why are they assuming fans of Black Pink are the ones to blame?

Fans are claiming that since TWICE and Black Pink are one of the top girl groups performing currently, that naturally, they have become rivals. Nw that TWICE has seen a lot of fame, both within Asia and internationally, Black Pink can't compete with their record-breaking achievements and overall stellar track record. A post on Pann Nate shows photos of which 5 videos of TWICE have been down-voted to the extreme.

Fans noticed that the videos were disliked in chronological order from their most recent song "Signal" their debut track of "Like OOH AAH." Although it cannot be confirmed who or why they are absolutely down-voted TWICE's videos in such large quantities, it seems likely only another fandom filled with anti-fans and sasaengs could be capable of doing so much damage on all 5 videos.

What do you think of this fan war?

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