Oct 06, 2017 | 17:21 PM EDT

How Are Fans Reacting To JYP's Newest Group Stray Kids & 'Hellevator' MV

Stray Kids had garnered a lot of attention prior to their debut due to t JYP's constant promotions and even opening a fan cafe and Twitter for the group in advanced. Now, the boys have finally made their long-awaited debut and released an interesting MV by the name of "Hellevator."

The MV for "Hellevator" is dark and eerie, as if a nightmare, which is fitting for the songs overall theme. It is moody, filled with a metallic and somewhat deserted looking set and emphasizes the feeling of abandonment. The song itself actually has an ear-catching EDM sound which has a style that has been off trend these days. The lyrics do have a familiar vibe to a song you would hear from Big Bang, but the raps have a certain JYP flair you can't avoid noticing.

Fans immediately took to Twitter and V LIVE to leave their comments regarding the boy group and their latest release. Read some of the comments and see if you can agree or disagree with some of these fans. "It is definitely a JYP song," "It seems to unoriginal and I was expecting more," "The song is alright but the boys are so cute, omggg," "I would go homo for these boys" and "I really love them, can we stan them? I hope I can love Stray Kids and GOT7 equally!"

In other news, their survival program is still set to air on October 17th through MNET! You can also watch their official MV for "Hellevator" down below and share your thoughts with us!

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