Oct 12, 2017 | 17:23 PM EDT

Heechul + Siwon of Super Junior Share A Game They Played Naked Together & How Other Members Timed Them

Things got a little bit steamy on the latest episode of 'Life Bar' after special guests Siwon and Heechul of Super Junior shared some stories and personal experiences they shared together back in their dorms with the group.

According to Siwon, the members used to play a rather peculiar game naked together deemed 'The Shower Game' - is it getting hot enough for you yet? Siwon continued saying that the point of the game was to see which member could shower the fastest. "The members and I would lineup naked in front of the bathroom and the members would time how long each member would take in the shower. Shindong was the fastest, recording 13 seconds." Pretty gross, Shindong.


Heechul began laughing at the memory and the staff burst into even more laughter while watching Siwon imitate Shindong's speedy shower method while telling the erotic fan-fiction material story. Heechul and Siwon continued to mention another game they played in the dorm called "I Feel Fresh."

"If someone fell asleep anywhere but their own bed, we would pour a bucket of water on their head! They cannot be mad or upset - they simply have to say 'I Feel Fresh' and clean up the mess." Honestly, what kind of messed up game is that? Back to the showers, boys! You can watch the rest of the hilarious clip down below!

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