Oct 13, 2017 | 20:56 PM EDT

Fans Comment on TWICE Sana's Growing Hourglass Figure

While all the girls from TWICE are lovely and petite, member Sana of TWICE is currently garnering attention from the masses do to her maturing hourglass figure! 

During their time in Japan, fans had noticed that the girls have lost a bit of weight for their new concept. However, everyone's eyes are gravitating towards member Sana because her weight loss is making her appear sexier rather than fragile and delicate. Her girlish charms have evolved into a womanly atmosphere due to the change in her physique.

While most idols who lose weight are criticized by netizens severely for looking unhealthy and being radical with their diets, everyone is praising Sana over her new look. Whether it is her naturally growing into her shape, the help of her new diet, or a mixture of both, fans have left their comments about her new look saying, "She is growing into more of a woman," and "She is shedding the cutesy image fast! JYP always chooses sexy girls."

What do you think of Sana's hourglass photos? Too thin or just right?

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