Oct 24, 2017 | 08:57 AM EDT

Sulli Uploads Another Topless Photo To Instagram + Reactions

Netizens do not know whether to be flabbergasted by Sulli's recent photo upload to her Instagram or simply look the other way. On October 23rd, the flirtatious and care-free idol uploaded another braless photo, which exposes her nipples slightly, on her social media accounts and has become the buzz among netizens.

Although it catches everyone's attention each and every time, this isn't the first time that Sulli has exposed her self on Instagram (to an extent). Whether it be accidental or not, a few other photos were posted, such as the one shown above, which reveals Sulli to not be wearing a bra as no straps can be seen. Some even believe you could easily see her nipple as well.

Fans wonder if she is sporting the current trend in America were girls are breaking free from wearing bras in order to support feminism and feel more comfortable as well. The trend has been going on for some time but is gaining more popularity these days. Despite her attention-grabbing fashion, fans were even more excited to see that Sulli has finally changed her hairstyle and wee adoring her natural looks.

Known for sporting longer hair, her short, face-hugging black bob is making everyone green with envy. Fans even commented that it is the perfect fall style and that "her natural beauty radiates every time." I guess her braless fashion statement isn't so important anymore after all.

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