Fans Defend Leeteuk From Media Slander Following Military Discharge

While many fans were excited by Leeteuk's departure from the army, some Korean media outlets were less than happy.

The Super Junior leader finished his obligatory military service on July 29. Fans welcomed him back with open arms, and the Super Junior members began posting pictures of him on their social media accounts almost immediately. But then some articles came out that made Leeteuk look rude and ungrateful.

Several Korean outlets released articles with titles like "Leeteuk Rushes Off From His Discharge" and "Why Did Leeteuk Want A Quiet Discharge?" The articles seemed to question why Leeteuk rushed into a car after leaving his army base, rather than hanging around and meeting with the press. Several outlets released pictures of Leeteuk rushing into a car, but no other pictures from that day.

However, earlier this week SM Entertainment had made it clear that Leeteuk wanted a quiet welcome back to public life and would be hosting a public event shortly after his initial discharge.

Netizens rushed to Leeteuk's defense, commenting about the fact that the reporters were greedy and upset that Leeteuk didn't stop for interviews and photos.

Fans pointed out the fact that Leeteuk has had a hard time in the army, due to family issues, so he probably didn't want to make a big deal about something that is usually a family event. Leeteuk's father committed homicide-suicide, when he killed himself and Leeteuk's paternal grandparents.

Comments also criticized the media outlets for being too used to getting press from entertainment companies, and pointed out the fact that SM had made it clear that Leeteuk didn't want a media presence that day.

Korea's media is known for its lack of decency and constant invasion of idol's personal life, but this case is extremely upsetting, since it tried to make someone sound as if he was being rude and impolite. Leeteuk has consistently had a reputation of being a good leader and polite person, so it is understandable why fans leapt to his defense.

Leeteuk immediately returned to practicing with Super Junior, and will be joining the group on its next concert tour and promotional cycle. The group is rumored to be releasing its seventh album within the next two months.

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