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SM Entertainment Issues Official Statement Addressing Luhan's Lawsuit Allegations, EXO Will Promote As 10

By Adrienne Stanley | October 10, 2014 06:52 AM EDT


SM Entertainment has confirmed rumors surrounding an alleged lawsuit involving former EXO-M member Luhan. On October 10, SM Entertainment addressed rumors that Luhan was in the process of filing a lawsuit against the agency.

The agency confirmed that on October 10 , Luhan filed a lawsuit to end his contract with SM Entertainment. SM Entertainment addressed the lawsuit claims by issuing a press release. In the following English language translation reported by Enews, a representative for SM Entertainment confirmed the alleged lawsuit by stating,”We found out that Luhan filed a lawsuit through the law firm today. We plan on calmly taking action aggressively and multilaterally.”

SM Entertainment went on to address the motivation that was cited by Luhan for his departure and desire to leave his exclusive contract. According to the press release issued by SM Entertainment, Luhan wanted to focus on activities in China, citing his health as a primary motivator.

SM Entertainment also expressed disappointment at the similarity between the situation with Luhan and former EXO-M member Kris.

Luhan was the lead vocalist and lead dancer of the EXO Chinese language subgroup, EXO-M. He is the second member of EXO-M to leave the group following the departure of EXO-M’s former leader Kris (Wu Yi Fan) in May 2014.

In the press release SM Entertainment stated that the situation was, “Similar to Kris’s case, he chose to file a lawsuit in a situation in which a lawsuit was not necessary.” SM Entertainment also confirmed that Luhan would be utilizing the same law firm that was used by Wu Yi Fan back in May.

SM Entertainment went on to state that EXO would continue to promote without Luhan. SM Entertainment also confirmed that the October 10 episode of the popular EXO music program “EXO 90:2014,” which featured Luhan, would be aired as intended.

Luhan addressed his fans via social media following confirmation of his alleged lawsuit and departure from the group. Through his Instagram account, Luhan stated, “I just wanna all of you to know I love you all.”

Recent warning signs raised the suspicions of fans. 

On September 11, Luhan addressed Thai fans through his Weibo account. In his Weibo post, Luhan citing that his doctor had suggested that he rest, with Luhan stating, “I suffered from migraine, insomnia, and dizziness.”

This post occurred prior to official confirmation from SM Entertainment regarding his health or his presence at the Bangkok concerts EXO From EXO Planet #1- The Lost Planet.

On September 13 KST, SM Entertainment issued a statement through a post on the EXO-M website that Luhan would not be performing during the two Thai concerts scheduled for September 13 and September 14.

On October 3, it was revealed that Luhan would not be performing during the SMTOWN Live World Tour in Tokyo concert. The news was delivered by a representative for SM Entertainment, who included that Jessica, Sulli, and Sooyoung would also be absent from the concert.

What is happening to EXO? Is this the downfall of SM Entertainment?

Meanwhile, fans of EXO are reeling from this latest news. Do you think EXO will be able to recover from this latest setback? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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