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SBS 'Inkigayo' Round-up: Kim Dong Ryul Wins #1 On The October 12, 2014 Episode

By James B | October 13, 2014 12:36 PM EDT


'Inkigayo' is back for another week of awesome performances from some of your favorite K-Pop stars. Great stage settings and fan chants were all heard and seen yesterday.

The stars who made their comeback were After School's Raina as she made her solo debut with "You End, And Me" featuring Kanto, Jung Dong Ha made his debut with "If I," Red Velvet said "Be Natural," and Mad Town made their debut with "YOLO."

Your nominees for the October 12th episode was Soyou & Urban Zakapa, Ailee, and Kim Dong Ryul. The winner was Kim Dong Ryul and he won his first music show trophy. Congratulations to him!

This being all said, here are the performance recaps from yesterday.

Performance Recaps

Mad Town

Mad Town who consist of members Moos, Lee Geon, Jota, H.O. Heo Jun, Daewon, and Buffy made their debut on 'Inkigayo' yesterday. The guys showed cute and swagger as they performed their single titled, "YOLO."

The guys wore a colored combination of red, black, and white outfits for their performance. One viewer on YouTube named Bunny Mary commented, "amazing! i love them! they all have good voices! they are handsome! i love this band! i love you guys!"

What is your opinion regarding Mad Town? Are you a supporter?


Boyfriend are handsome vampires as they made their comeback on 'Inkigayo' yesterday. The guys performed their Halloween theme single titled, "Witch."

Their choreography and props is just amazing. The stage setting was perfect to radiate their dark concept. Boyfriend fans are definitely loving their new single. Have you seen the music video?


Raina made her solo debut on 'Inkigayo' yesterday. Raina is heartbroken as she sang her solo single titled, "You End, And Me."

Kanto is featured on her music video; which he acts as the boyfriend who does the break up. He showed his amazing rapping skills yesterday. What is your opinion based on the performances of this week?

Red Velvet

Like their debut on SMROOKIES, the first two members to do the introduction was Seulgi and Irene. Then Wendy and Joy soon came on stage.

Red Velvet made their comeback and performed the remake version for S.E.S's single titled, "Be Natural." The beautiful members wore a burgundy suit and black undershirt for their performance yesterday. This week, the girls made their comeback. So out of all their performances, which one did you like this week?


Ailee performed her hit single titled, "Don't Touch Me." Her stage presence and voice is just amazing. Ailee wore a yellow and black colored outfit for her performance. Ailee had another great week of promotions. Ailee has a total of three first place trophies and is hoping to win a few more next week.


BTOB performed their new single titled, "You're So Fly" yesterday. The guys entertained the audience with their great energy. Their single ranks number six this week. BTOB are hoping that their fans can put them up for nomination. Do you think BTOB will win a first place trophy?


Well it's been real, TaeTiSeo has finally come to the end of their promotions for "Holler." The ladies had their goodbye stage performance yesterday.

Seohyun, Tiffany, and Taeyeon can finally get some rest after successfully wowing their fans. Their single ranks number four on the 'Inkigayo' chart for this week.

The ladies wore very nice gold and black outfits for their last performance. What is your opinion regarding TaeTiSeo ending promotions?


The beautiful ladies of T-ara are done as they wrapped up promotions for their club single titled, "Sugar Free" yesterday. T-ara has improved and continues to each time they make their comeback.

Their single ranks number fifteen on the 'Inkigayo' chart for their last performance of the week. Now T-ara can rest after successfully entertaining their fans.


WINNER said please "Don't Flirt" as they once again entertained the audience with their rear shaking. WINNER are having a great time each week.

The guys wore perfect outfits that is great for the autumn season. WINNER will do the flirting; instead of the ladies; which the guys are doing a great job because the women are screaming for them each week.


TEEN TOP who consist of members C.A.P, Chunji, L.Joe, Niel, Ricky, and Changjo were "Missing" someone again on 'Inkigayo' yesterday. The stage was nicely set for their performance.

Their single ranks number twelve this week. The members wore a nice gold and black colored suit for their performance. The audience were entertained while they watched them perform.


Juniel and her beautiful love song titled, "I Think I'm in Love" ranks number fourteen on 'Inkigayo' this week.

Juniel's performance was cut to less than three minutes long yesterday. Juniel wore a white long sleeved shirt and pink flowered long skirt for her performance. She had another successful week of promotions.

Nam Young Joo

Nam Young Joo performed her sexy concept single titled, "Fragile and Kind." Her performance was cut; though she did a good job of entertaining the audience.

Nam Young Joo wore a white and black colored outfit. What is your opinion regarding her choreography and single?


The pretty ladies of MINX are performing with lots of enthusiasm as they brought their skateboards on stage again yesterday. MINX asked "Why Did You Come to My House" on 'Inkigayo' and entertained the audience. Are you a fan of MINX yet?

Say Yes

Say Yes said that this is "Not A Dream" on 'Inkigayo' yesterday. This guys are talented and can play multiple musical instruments. Also, they have great voices too.

Since the guys are an underrated group, they are not getting enough attention. Their performance was cut short. What is your opinion regarding this male group?

Lee Ye Jun

Lee Ye Jun performed her new single titled, "I Can't" on 'Inkigayo' yesterday. Featuring on stage with Lee Ye Jun is Boys Republic member SungJun.

Lee Ye Jun has a great voice. SungJun and Lee Ye Jun works very well together. What is your opinion regarding Lee Ye Jun's new single?

Rok Kiss

Get ready to do some aerobics as Rok Kiss performed their single titled "Rok Kiss." Their song title is the same like their group name. The single has a great beat; which is definitely perfect when it comes to working out at the gym. What is your opinion regarding K-fit music? Do you think it will get popular?

Bernard Park

While the music video is not yet released, Bernard Park made his hot debut and performed his single titled, "Before The Rain."

Bernard has such a great voice and the audience enjoyed his debut performance. What is your opinion regarding his performance and will you become a fan?

Jung Dong Ha performed his new single titled, "If I" and entertained the audience as well.

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