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A-Pink, “We want to be like FINKYL and SES”

By Seung-hoon Kang | December 09, 2011 08:32 PM EST


Girl group A-Pink announces that they want to become like SES and FINKYL because their style of music is very similar like these original idols. Also, FINKYL and SES held down the music fort from the years 1990 to 2000.

A-Pink’s goal is become the best dance and music performers. They also want to be able to do different genres of music. The girl group came back with ‘It Girl’, ‘I don’t know’ and ‘My My’, songs the audience really like.

“These songs are very similar to the music style we have been performing. We want to show the audience the type of music we are good at. Our new song, ‘My My’ is very catchy and has an easy melody to get use to. This song shows each 7 member’s personality”.

A-pink consists of almost all teenagers, but they share their house with each other. “The house was a bit uncomfortable at first, but it is getting better. We are all around the same age so we do get very tense, but we try to be care for one another. We encourage each other when we are feeling down and congratulate each other when something good happens. We got to talk to each other a lot so we got very close. Since we are very close now, we can show good teamwork and perform our best”.

A-pink’s biggest concern is whether or not their music will fit with the audience.

“We wish this album gets lots of love. I hope people remember our name, sing our songs, and make people anticipate for our next album. Our new song ‘My My’ expresses the feelings of a young girl and her love. Please listen to our song”.

A-Pink won the ‘Rookie of the Year’ at the ‘Mnet Asian Music Awards’ that was help in Singapore. A-Pink was a new group that made the Korean pop world shine this year.

On A-Pink’s mini album ‘Seven Springs of A-Pink’ that was released on April 19 had a lot of appeal. Also in June their remix version of ‘It Girl’ and in August they drama OST for ‘Protect the Boss’ got much love.

“We hope the title song ‘My My’ in album ’Snow Pink’ gets much love from the fans. There are key points to the dance such as, ET dance, V-line dance, and driving dance which we hope will get much love also”.

A-Pink debuted not so long ago, but got many people knowing their names. “We will definitely try out best. Our live is very week but we are still trying our best. We want to learn and be great singers like FINKYL and SES”. 

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