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'Music Bank' Highlights: CNBLUE' Jung Yonghwa Wins #1 On The February 13, 2015 Episode + Performance Recaps

By James B | February 14, 2015 11:36 AM EST


KBS' 'Music Bank' is back for another week of great performances from some of your favorite K-pop idols. Fan chants and screams were all heard on Friday.

The stars who made their comeback were f(x)'s Amber as she made her hot solo debut with "Shake That Brass," 4minute are "Crazy" for their return, KIXS said your "Beautiful" for his solo debut, MYNAME with "too very so MUCH," TEEN TOP's Niel is a "Lovekiller" for his solo debut, hip hop group Rubber Soul will put some "Life" in you for their debut, project group T.S are saying "Don't Forget Me," and The Nuts with "I Can't Forget About You."

Your nominees were CNBLUE's Yonghwa as he battled against Zion.T and Crush. The winner was Yonghwa for his ballad single titled, "One Fine Day." Congratulations to Yonghwa as he won his fourth trophy.

This being said, here are the best performance recaps from Friday, Feb. 13.

Best Performance Recaps From Feb. 13


f(x)'s Amber is off to a great start as she made her hot solo debut on the Friday's episode. Amber first said that she is "Beautiful" to kick off her performance. Amber showcased both her great vocals and rap skills for this song.

Then she moved to her main single titled, "Shake That Brass." Red Velvet's Wendy was featured on stage with her; which the audience enjoyed.


4minute turned the heat up on the Friday's episode of 'Music Bank.' The ladies sang two of their songs to announce their comeback.

4minute sang their singles titled, "Cut It Out" and "Crazy." All are upbeat and will get you hyped.


MYNAME made their comeback on the Friday's episode. The group sang their new single titled, "Too Very So Much."

The guys entertained the audience as they danced with lots of energy. MYNAME's single is upbeat; which their fans will enjoy.


KIXS made his hot solo debut on the Friday's episode. KIXS sang his new solo single titled, "Beautiful."

He had his performance cut to less than three minutes long. With the time he had, KIXS did a great job on entertaining the audience.


TEEN TOP's Niel is moving like a smooth criminal as he made his solo debut on Friday's episode. Kicking off his debut, Niel sang his single titled, "Affagato." Fans heard his soft voice with this song.

After enjoying a cup of coffee at the cafe, Niel performed his main single titled, "Lovekiller." With the influence of the King of Pop Michael Jackson, Niel took women's breath away with his handsomeness and smooth moves.

The tempo does a great job of showcasing Niel's footwork on stage.

Rubber Soul

Hip hop female group Rubber Soul made their debut on Friday. The group sings about "Life" and how it can bring happiness to you.

Mad Clown is featured and does the introduction before the group initiates their performance.


Project group T.S sang their beautiful winter theme single titled, "Don't Forget Me." The groups consist of T-ara, The SeeYa, and Seunghee.

The message of the song is about not forgetting your friends. The audience enjoyed their performance.


CNBLUE's Yonghwa sang from the heart for his hit ballad single titled, "One Fine Day." Yonghwa is ending promotions and had a goodbye stage performance on the Friday's episode. Yonghwa sang flawlessly and showcased his great voice to his fans.


SHINee's Jonghyun sang his hit single titled, "Deja Boo." He wore a red colored suit for his performance. Jonghyun had a flawless performance and did a great job.

The anticipated collaboration between Jonghyun and Zion.T was finally seen on Friday. The two showcased their great voices and entertained the audience. This week, Jonghyun is ending his solo promotions. His single ranks number 11.


INFINITE H sang their hit single titled, "Pretty" on Friday. Once again, Dongwoo and Hoya entertained their fans as they sang about liking the same woman. Their single ranks number four on the music show d's chart this week.

Nine Muses

Happy Valentine's Day as Nine Muses entertained their fans on Friday. The ladies sang their single titled, "Drama."

The group wore a pink and white colored outfit for their performance. Nine Muses' single ranks number 13 on the music program's chart.


Tey is one "Dangerous" solo artist as he showcased his great voice to his fans on Friday. He wore a gray colored suit for his performance. Tey's performance was cut to less than three minutes long.


A.KOR sang their new single titled, "Always" on Friday. Their performance was cut to less than three minutes long. With the time they had, the group did a good job of entertaining the audience.

Other Performances

U-KISS; "Playground"

Sunny Hill; "Child In Time"

LU:KUS; "Break Ya"

The Nuts; "I Can't Forget About You"

1PUNCH; "Turn Me Back"

Other performances were Zion.T with Crush and Jo Jung Min.

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