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Red Velvet Show Their 'Red' Side With 'Automatic' Before 'Ice Cream Cake' [VIDEO]

By Robert Kuang | March 14, 2015 02:00 PM EDT


As evidenced by "Happiness" and "Be Natural," Red Velvet is once again showing a different side with the track "Automatic."

On Saturday, SM Entertainment released the first music video for Red Velvet's comeback. As an R&B track, "Automatic" feels distinctively more similar to "Be Natural" than their debut song, "Happiness." But according to observers, there is a reason for two distinct concepts.

"In interviews, they implied 'Happiness' showed their 'velvet' side and 'Be Natural' their 'red' side," wrote Tetramorium Jedi on Seoulbeats.

Judging by the teaser video for their title track "Ice Cream Cake," Red Velvet is expected to go back to their 'velvet' side in their next music video.

"Not everyone will like their red side," wrote YouTube viewer Chenisaur. "I guess you are more into their velvet side. It makes me think that this was such a smart idea, making them go for both sides and fans will have options."

"Automatic" also introduces a new member to Red Velvet, and since the news, rumors regarding additional members being added to the group have spread online.

After some careful observation, the introduction of the "Happiness" music video does include faces that Red Velvet fans do not recognize. In fact, fans are theorizing that the "Ice Cream Cake" teaser may be foreshadowing the development of a 12-member girl group, much like SM Entertainment's most recent boy band, EXO.

"There's a cake with six slices," noted Kim Tae on Saturday. "What if this represents the full version of Red Velvet? One more member will be added and there will be six members. The 12 cherries on top represent the full group and Red Velvet is a sub-unit of a bigger group of 12 members."

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