Former MBLAQ Member Park Sang Hyun Opens An Instagram Account

Fomer MBLAQ member Park Sang Hyun, also known as Thunder, joined Instagram on April 13 and since then he has racked up nearly 20,000 followers.

Fans can follow the idol-actor at @shpthunder, an Instagram handle which consists of his real-name initials and popular moniker when he was still a part of MBLAQ.

But he has dropped his stage name Thunder and prefers to be promoted as Park Sang Hyun as he pursues an acting career.

"Welcome to Instagram oppa", "Fighting!" and "I wanted to see you pic with your unni," said fans.

The last comment refers to Sang Hyun's famous sister 2NE1 member and web drama actress Dara, which he follows on Instagram along with five others, including Brown Eyed Girls member and solo artist Ga In.

Fans cannot be blamed for wanting to see the photos of Sang Hyun and his sister. The Park siblings look stunning together, as was seen when they appeared at the KYE Fashion show last month.

Sang Hyun has so far posted two photos on his shiny new Instagram account. His very first photo seems to have been taken during a magazine shoot.

 인스타 시작 화보촬영 일부! #천둥#박상현#화보#아레나#arena

A photo posted by 천둥 ( 박상현 ) (@shpthunder) on Apr 13, 2015 at 8:12am PDT

The second photo shows the donations and greetings from his fans in support of his new acting role in the MBC weekend drama, Let The Girl CrySang Hyun was overwhelmed by the devotion of his fans, saying: "Thank you for your support and love!"


Aside from pursuing acting, Sang Hyun is also preparing for a solo album, which he confirmed during a press conference for Let The Girl Cry, reports Allkpop.

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