Former MBLAQ Member Lee Joon Reacts To Group's Comeback As Trio

K-pop idol-turned-actor Lee Joon hopes his former groupmates do well with their upcoming album. 

Lee Joon, formerly a member of MBLAQ, discussed MBLAQ's upcoming album "Mirror" at an interview in Seoul on May 28. The actor admitted that he hadn't heard the album but had high hopes for it.

Regarding the album, the K-Pop Herald reported that Lee claimed he hadn't heard any of the songs from "Mirror." 

"I read the news this morning, and I hope (the album) turns out great," Lee said. "I don't know what kind of songs (they will be releasing) but I am sure they will do well."

"Mirror" will be MBLAQ's first album since Lee and fellow former member Thunder (Park Sang Hyun) left the group in 2015 following the expiration of their contracts with J.Tune Camp.

Lee turned to acting following his departure from MBLAQ but admitted that he wasn't adverse to having the chance to perform as a singer in the future.

"I want to fully concentrate on acting right now and for a while," he said. "But if I have an opportunity to become a singer again, I can do that too."

J.Tune Camp announced that MBLAQ's eigth mini album "Mirror" will be released on June 9, joining a bevy of K-pop idol group comebacks kicking off the summer in June. MBLAQ's promotion cycle comes on the heels of comebacks by EXO and Big Bang, and an alleged comeback by Girls' Generation. 

Lee Joon began starring in the SBS drama Heard It Through The Grapevine in February, and will appear in the final episode on June 2. 


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