Cube Entertainment Artists Successfully Finishes Japan 'United Cube Concert' with 8,000 Fans

Cube Entertainment's family concert in Japan, 'United Cube Concert' finished successfully with 8,000 fans.

Groups such as 4minute, BEAST, G.NA, BTOB and more held their family concert at the Yokohama Arena for their '2013 United Cube Concert in Yokohama'. A total of 8,000 Jaan fans came together to see Cube Entertainment's artists perform.

Fans of Cube Entertainment showed their support by cosplaying their favorite member of holding dance cover performances of their favorite groups.

The concert started off with rookie group BTOB. They sang their song, "Wow" and showed a powerful performance that heated up the crowds.

Then, BTOB Sungjae and 4minute Sohyun revealed their cute version of the song, "Trouble Maker" while the original singers of the song, 4minute HyunA and BEAST Jang Hyun Seung revealed the sexy version.

Recently debuted 2Yoon, 4minute's unit group, then took the stage and sang their debut song, "24/7."

Sexy singer G.NA was next as she danced her hot dance moves for her song, "2HOT." Rookie singer Noh Jihoon also tok the stage and revealed a dance ballad song. His popular 'belt' dance received an overwhelming response from the crowd.

4minute then showed off their sexy charisma with "Volume Up." BEAST took the finale stage and started off the song in the crowds, making the fans go wild.

One fan who attended the concert commented, "Many Japan fans who love K-Pop are beginning to choose Cube Entertainment's artists as their number 1."

They stated that they loved how Cube always tried out new things and had great energy on stage.

On the other hand, 'United Cube Concert' was heeled in the U.K, Brazil and other locations in 2011.

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