Rain Expected To Leave CUBE Entertainment To Become A Free Agent

Many in the entertainment industry are speculating on what Rain's next move will be after his exclusive contract with Cube Entertainment ends.

According to an industry insider on the third of September, Rain's contract with Cube ends later this month, and is still in talks with close associates to decide on what he will do in the future

Popular in Korea as well as overseas, Rain has been consistently named as one of the top stars of the Hallyu wave. He has also made strides in China with his first leading role in the drama "Diamond Lover," prompting many in the industry to question whether he will stay with Cube Entertainment or leave the company and become a free agent. 

One of Rain's associates has reported that they are still in talks about signing a new contract with the actor-singer, but that nothing has been decided yet. The associate stated,  "Since his current contract period has almost finished, we should receive an answer soon."

While under Cube Entertainment, Rain released his sixth album, "Rain Effect," making his comeback as a singer. He also returned to the screen with his role in the South Korean drama, "She's So Lovable" which concluded in November of 2014.

Netizens have speculated on what Rain's next moves are. While some believe he will join FNC Entertainment, others remain confident that he will become a free agent. One commenter said, "I saw him eating barbecue at Yang Hyun-suk's restaurant in Hongdae, he'll probably join YG". 

Whether Rain becomes a free agent or not, his career will only continue to be succesful!

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