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Wardrobe Inspection: K-Pop's Best Dressed November 2015

By Nikole Smith | December 01, 2015 11:58 AM EST


November featured a heavy slew of boy group comebacks including VIXX, B.A.P, and BTS. Various strong girl group made their returns as well to bring us a little heat as the weather get colder.

Let’s see who dominated the comeback trends for November

 "Brave New World" by Brown Eyed Girls

After a more than year hiatus, the glam gals of Brown Eyed Girls have returned with their full album Basic. Their title track “Brave New World” features the sexy mature concept that only Brown Eyed Girls can pull off so flawlessly. Throughout the majority of the video, the ladies are donning shiny leather or latex shorts flaunting their long legs. Each member also took on a bold hairstyle with Narsha in particular sporting a head of large bouncy curls and Miryo going for classic jet black waves. Ga In and JeA went the short route and sport sleek short hairdos.

“WORLDWIDE” by Jay Park

With one of the top hip-hop albums of the month, Jay Park returned with his WORLDWIDE including a track of the same name. Combined with the song “WANT IT,” the “WORLDWIDE” music video featured a futuristic theme, seen especially in the outfits of the female actresses. Jay Park rocked an all black look layered under a slick studded red jacket. His other looks included camouflage pattern, solid army green, and the classic snapback.

“Demonstrate” by RaNia

The ladies of RaNia returned after a long wait with a strong sound in their latest title track “Demonstrate.” There were two dominant styles in the music video - one, a sexy black piece, while the other incorporated a number of neon accents. The all-black look was paired with thick gold jewelry and smoky make-up while the neon street look went for the denim approach.

“Chained Up” by VIXX

VIXX returned in November to swoon fans with their title track “Chained Up.” Rather than utilizing flashy colors, VIXX opted for a classic black and white concept and executed it quite handsomely. Though the boys switched from all-black to all-white quite frequently what really stood out - besides all the revealed skin - were the accessories. The group members wore a series of coordinated collars throughout the various scenes, a perfect visualization for the “Chained Up” concept.

“Young, Wild & Free” by B.A.P

After an extended hiatus, B.A.P finally graced fans this November with their comeback “Young, Wild & Free.” Coincidentally, the B.A.P boys had a number of outfits in the music video that would be ideal for the upcoming winter season. Some of their looks featured thick coats layered over sweaters and sneakers. On the other spectrum, the boys also clad themselves in strong black leather for another look and even chic tuxedos.

“Honey Jam” by Dynamic Duo

Contrary to their strong and smooth rapping style, Dynamic Duo probably had the cutest trend this November with their honeybee concept. Each person in the music video donned a different insect costume from bees to grasshoppers, and even a DJing ladybug.

“Hot Pink” by EXID

“Hot Pink” is the perfect way to describe EXID’s clothing choice in their latest comeback music video. From pink fishnets, to pink one-pieces, even to pink nails, EXID had it all. EXID combined the fashion traits of a mechanic with elements of street wear and their own EXID flare.

“Sour Grapes” by San E & Mad Clown

San E and Mad Clown probably had the most comfortable fashion concept this month, featuring a number of laid back hoodies and sweater in their music video for “Sour Grapes.” San E wore a stylish mint toned trench coat while Mad Clown went for the bold red look.

“Hello Bitches” by CL (2NE1)

CL dropped another solo track this November featuring a hot dance performance music video. While some pointed out that the music video to “Hello Bitches” was bit reminiscent of Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood,” it was easily a much different feel in the end. CL and the ReQuest Crew donned fishnets and biker style gear with heavy make-up for a fierce aura. The ladies each featured their own unique hairstyle complete with a multitude of eye-grabbing shades.

“Run” by BTS

BTS took out November with a bang as they showed us their wild side in their latest music video for “Run.” Their fashion sense also coincides with the late fall weather as well. The boys were clad in thick black boots, denim jeans, and warm jackets laced over comfortable tees and flannels. The boys also showed another rugged side with a majority of the members dressing down in studded leather blazers.

November was chock-full of powerful comebacks but as we transition into December perhaps we’ll start seeing some warmer concepts and holiday collaborations. Some comebacks for December include iKON, TaeTiSeo, and EXO. Not to mention many groups are preparing for the popular year-end award shows.

Looks like we have a lot to look forward to this December!

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