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Profile Of A K-Pop Fan: Yuremi Guerra Of Florida Gets Recharged By FTISLAND And G-Dragon

By Staff Writer | January 09, 2016 07:54 PM EST


NAME: Yuremi Guerra

AGE: 23

HOME: Palm Harbor, Florida

CURRENTLY: Working at the Nielsen Company.

INTRO TO K-POP: "Listening [to] 'As Ever' by Lee Hongki from FTISLAND in the drama 'You Are Beautiful.'"

THE DIFFERENCE: "To me I would say that that K-pop has its own feel compared to other countries. I was raised in the States most of my life but lived in my home country [Uruguay] for many years and a lot of the time songs were just songs. It could be because of the struggles that Korean artist have to go through to become known, but their passion seems to be able to pass onto the audience and the songs become more of an experience than just a plain song.

Most my friends and family members always ask me why I listen to K-pop since I don't even understand it. To me, music has its own language. As long as the song is able to bring out emotions from me, I will support it. For example, a lot of the times if I hear a song on the radio about a sad story it doesn't move me at all. The artist is just someone with a good voice singing for money or fame. However, when I hear K-pop I'm not able to contain myself from all the emotions the song itself make me feel as well as the lyrics (once I'm able to find the translation). [I'm] not saying that the artists in the States are not good, but to me it seems like K-pop artists are able to express their emotions through the songs more and its like their feelings are your own. If I were to have to describe Kpop to a friend it would be very hard... But one thing comes to mind- A rollercoaster of emotions."

CULTURAL MISUNDERSTANDINGS: "Since cultures are different, the way that male idols are portrayed in my country [Urugauy] as well as the country I reside in [The United States], it [K-pop] doesn't look masculine enough to people."


WHY FTISLAND: "[It's] hard to put it into words, but they are my battery charger. When I don't have energy or I just need a boost, all I have to do is just play one of their songs and I'm good to go, even if it's a sad one."



WHY G-DRAGON: "He is not scared to be different with his songs and he is very humble despite all the fame he has. Also because it doesn't matter if he is performing with his group Big Bang or if he's doing a solos, his performance always moves his fans."


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