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Will Olivia Wilde Sign The Dotted Line For The Role Of Carol Danvers In Upcoming Film ‘Captain Marvel?’ The Actress Clarifies Her Stand

By Sunia Mukherjee | April 24, 2016 06:25 AM EDT


Olivia Wilde, the American Actress has a huge fan following on social media. Her present role as Devon Finestra in the TV series ''Vinyl'' has made her a household name.

Wilde claimed her stardom through her roles of Jane in  the 2012 movie ''The Incredible Burt Wonderstone,'' Madonna in the 2009 movie ''Weird: The Al Yankovic Story,'' Ella Swenson in the 2010 movie ''Cowboys & Aliens'' and several others. Her role as Dr. Remy "Thirteen" Hadley in TV series ''House'' too is fresh in the memories of the fans. Though the chances are not very strong, however Wilde's name too came up while choosing the perfect female protagonist for the upcoming female led superhero movie ''Captain Marvel'' from Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Bornrich has put a figure of $12 Million as the net-worth of this talented actress. Vogue did an exclusive article on the style quotient of this actress. ''The average New York family throws out 280 pounds of clothing a year, 95 percent of which is recyclable," explained Olivia Wilde at H&M's most recent presentation of its Conscious Exclusive Collection.

"They're really trying to evolve," said Wilde while talking about the Swedish fast-fashion retailer H&M. ''The whole idea of redefining what fashion-forward means" she further added. The whole focus was to re-use and re-cycle old clothes and make a constructuve use of them. The idea of placing re-cycle bins for clothes in offices, shopping malls and educate customers to use them was shared by Wilde. ''We appreciate the attitude H&M is taking with this campaign to change the way you think about your clothes once you've bought them," said Wilde. ''Consumers not be quite as careless once you're done with an item of clothing. If you feel you're done with a piece of clothing, rework it and be creative" she emphasised on the importance of re-cycling.

So since the environmental friendly star is promoting the re-use of clothes, will MCU think about creating a  role of Carol Danvers who is conscious about the problems of the planet Earth and adopt some mechanisms like this?

Cinemablend did a story long back which included the views of Olivia about the characterisation of Carol Danvers. ''I'm a big fan of superhero films, and I have so much respect for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The thing with female superheroes is that, in order to be powerful, they are flawless. The idea of kick-ass power lacks a certain nuance, at times. There is something to be said for a female director working to create a female superhero that perhaps [has] a little more complexity'' is what she had to advise to MCU while crafting the character of Carol Danvers. So will Wilde be considered for this role?

''Marvel has been so smart about casting unexpected people for these roles. Look at what Robert Downey brought to Iron Man'' Wilde talked about the male protagonists in the MCU movies. ''A real, dry sense of humor and a complexity to his hero balance. I think that the way these Marvel heroes are written, the female superheroes included, do have complexity and flaws. But I think when they are translated into film, the women can become these ultimate goddesses of perfection and I would love to create a female Marvel character who is just as unexpected and complex as some of the male characters as Iron Man. I think that would be really cool!'' she added further.

Wilde expressed her desire to be Carol Danvers in the interview. ''The most interesting characters are the ones who have issues and are flawed individuals. It would be nice to give a real history, to give a real, tangible background to this character'' she said and stated that she would love to create history.

So far the cast of this upcoming movie is shaping up. ''Vikings'' famed Katheryn Winnick, ''The Devil Wears Prada'' famed actress Natalie Dormer, ''Jurassic World'' famed Bryce Dallas Howard, ''Sicario'' famed Emily Blunt,  ''Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation'' famed Rebecca Ferguson, ''Batman: Year One'' famed Katee Sackhoff, ''Monster''  famed Charlize Theron, ''Independence Day: Resurgence'' famed Maika Monroe, ''Live By Night'' famed Sienna Miller too are considered for this role.

Only time will tell, who will bag this long-awaited coveted role. Tune in to Kpopstarz for further news. 

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