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‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 40 Review: Tournament Concludes; New Character Arrives?

By MD | April 25, 2016 09:50 PM EDT


"Dragon Ball Super" episode 40 showed the end of the inter-universe tournament.

Attack of the Fanboy reported that "Dragon Ball Super" episode 40 may feature the "most shocking turn of events" for the series. This week's installment showed the conclusion of Goku and Hit's fight.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 40 opened with Goku and Hit in the middle of a massive ki blast battle. The powers of the fighters were so intense that Vados and Whis had to make sure that everyone was safe.

After the explosion, the two fighters are still standing strong, though. Hit taunted Goku that his time skipping technique has become stronger than when they first started the battle.

Meanwhile, Goku's struggle can be seen by the viewers in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 40. Apparently, he can no longer sustain his Kaioken form.

In "Dragon Ball Super" episode 39, Goku powered up and revealed his new technique. The Super Saiyan has revived the Kaioken, as seen on "Dragon Ball Z," and combined it with his Super Saiyan Blue powers.

Afterwards, the Super Saiyan asked for the rules to be changed so that he can see Hit's true powers. Hit is holding back because he will be disqualified if Goku dies during their fight.

Goku then realized that he and Hit were actually just puppets in the battle between Champa and Beerus. He stepped out of the ring and eliminated himself from the tournament.

Monaka comes up next but, as revealed in earlier "Dragon Ball Super" episodes, he is actually not powerful. An interesting thing happened since Hit also got himself eliminated by pretending to fly out of the ring with Monaka's punch.

A new character, named Zeno, then emerged. Apparently, he is the ruler of all 12 universes in "Dragon Ball Super." Episode 40 ended with Champa and Beerus' being shocked by Zeno's appearance.

According to Yibada, "Dragon Ball Super" episode 41 will feature the golden dragon. It will be aired this Sunday.

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