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'H1Z1 PS4 Release Update: King Of The Kill' Update: Ignition Mode Goes Live: Goodies For Players Announced

By Sunia Mukherjee | May 28, 2016 12:23 PM EDT


Now since the ignition mode has been introduced for the test mode for the players to test in ''H1Z1: King Of The Kill,'' the development of this game is going at a fast pace. The live ignition mode too was introduced a few days back and the players can now count days for the release of the game.

As per the update on Reddit, ''Zombie Destiny'' was put on the test servers and were tested a few days back. ''We cranked up the zombie density and population cap on the Test Server right now. We need players in there to simulate a Live environment. So starting right now and throughout the day, please jump into the Just Survive Test Server and try out the new zombie density'' the developers had requested the players to provide the updates.

On May 6, 2016, the update talked about ''Battle Royale'' with pistols and bows. Every weekend in May will be ''Skirmish Weekend'' and the players will get to play every Friday through Monday ''an alternate version of Battle Royale that only has certain types of weapons.''

The developers want to test this portion of the game and the article says ''May's Skirmish Weekends have no AK47s, AR15s, Hunting Rifles, or Shotguns - that means you're left to fend for yourself with just pistols and bows.''

On May 18, 2016, the update talked about  the launch of game mode ''Ignition'' on May 20, 2016. ''If you've missed any of the several times we've talked about Ignition in the past, the key takeaway is that this new game mode will have you fighting for survival at breakneck speed'' was the update on the article.

The producer update of May 18. 2016 talked about the gamers reactions to the new changes done. On May 20, 2016, the company announced the names of all the gamers who won goodies in the Skirmish Weekends and other contests. There were many goodies like Battle Royale Loser T-Shirt, Battle Royale Loser Leggings, Skull Graphic T-Shirt and many more to be won. There were goodies to be won for playing the ''Ignition Mode'' and the article published on May. 21, 2016 talked about them too.

Also the servers went down on May. 20, 2016 and the new ignition features were added.

''New Ignition Features:

1)      Players are lowered into battle from a Helicopter on an ATV

2)      Helicopters will hover over safe zones and mark them with green lights

3)      Safe zones are locked for 30 seconds at the end of each round

4)      Special air-drops will be available at the end of each round, marked by purple smoke

5)      ATVs have been re-tuned for better handling and have Turbo''

''New King of the Kill Features:

1)      Updated match rewards for Battle Royale and Ignition.

2)      In 2-man and 5-man BR, teammates will now be outlined and seen through structures and objects.

3)      Signs have been added to the Box of Destiny featuring game mode information and tips.

4)      New loading screens have been added for Battle Royale and Ignition''

There were many more gameplay improvements, visual improvements, audio improvements and bug fixes which were completed in these 4 hours when the servers were down.

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