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EXO Kai Announces He's Back To Dancing In A Tear Jerking Letter To Fans

By Carlo Rodriguez | October 11, 2016 07:27 AM EDT


It has been common knowledge that EXO's Kai had been shying away from the spotlight in the last few months. This all stemmed from a leg injury he had sustained during a rehearsal for one of EXO's concerts back in March. This left the 22-year old singer-dancer-actor struggling to keep up with his band's live performances.

What makes Kai's injury even sadder is the fact that he has been dancing for most of his life. In an interviewe with GQ this past July, he had shared how dancing was something that he did not chose for himself. But rather, it was an inherent talent that has been with him since the day he was born. According to him, dancing was one of his earliest memories and those first memories of his make him happy.

The singer even says that he could dance to anything, even without the accompaniment of music just as long as there is sound. Dancing was a talent he further honed by attending private academies which he put to good use performing for his fans on stage.

But being talented doesn't mean an exemption from humanly errors. The injury had definitely made the singer step back a little bit and it may have disappointed a number of fans around the world.

Luckily though, Kai recently announced that he is back on social media and he even gave an update on his condition. And through EXO's "From Star" portal, he wrote a heartfelt message to his fans.

He began his message with a simple 'hello', introducing himself and breaking his fans hearts as he shares how much he has missed them all.

"I've missed you. You have no idea how much I've missed you." Kai says on his touching letter to his fans.

From there, he starts to share how he has finally started dancing again, saying how nervous he was while on the backstage and how it had made him happy to be in front of all his fans.

"It feels like it did when I first debuted." The singer further adds as he compared the feeling to back when he first debuted.

The letter goes on as he states how grateful he was to his band members who became his support and foundation on his road to recovery. And being away from the stage for quite some time, it isn't at all surprising when he says he has realized how precious a stage is

The letter ends as he promises to become a supportive foundation to his fans, ending it with a heartwarming 'I love you'.  

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