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Album Review: GOT7 – ‘Flight Log: Turbulence’

By Jaswin Singh | October 11, 2016 07:19 AM EDT


I am a fan of GOT7. I like their previous releases. This album,"Flight Log: Turbulence", is Got7's second studio album.

Here is my review:

"Skyway" is your typical idol dance track nowadays. With its heavy beats and EDM stuff it is perfect for jammin' and dancing.

"Hard Carry", the title track, is not your usual Got7 song. Honestly I am not a fan of this song for them. It is a nice song and is addictive when you listen o it more than twice.

"Boom x3" is a nice slow hip hop song. Though it is slower than the first two, you can still jam to it with its beats. Also, Jackson co-wrote this song so that's a plus!

"Prove It", which is written by our leader, JB, is your slow RnB song. JB and Youngjae's voice is perfect for this type of song. I love how it is very sexy. Mark's deep voice added to the sexiness of the song. This type of song is the song where you do body rolls when you listen to it.

"No Jam", written by half of the members, is another track that will remind you of the EDM production. It has a couple of uncalled for breakdowns, and other unnecessary stuff but it is nice. It's just a very fun song.

Track number six, "Hey", is probably my favourite track. For me this song is so Got7. The song is very laid back and your feel good song. I love that Youngjae is part of the production of this one.

"Mayday "is a nice slow but upbeat song. At first I thought it would be a ballad but the beats proved me wrong. I would have loved to listen to it without all the beats. The rap totally fits with the song too. JR, who wrote the whole song, has a very nice voice in the beginning. I actually like his parts very much.

Brought to you by Mark and earattack, "My Home"is your typical idol hip-hop song. I kinda don't like it when boy groups' rappers 'shout rap'. It is not pleasant to the ears. With "My Home", the vocals totally saved it.

'Who's That' is probably my favourite song from the album. The song is super cute. I can imagine them performing this live.

"If" is also one of my favourite songs from this album. I like it when they do slower songs. It is also co-written by Mark and BamBam.

"Sick" is hands down, my favourite song from this album! I was waiting for a song like this and I thought Got7 will disappoint me but they didn't! This song is just my style. The song is your typical slow RnB-ish song but with Youngjae's and JB's voices, their runs and high notes, everything fitted well. Youngjae, Mark and Jacksong co-wrote this one!

"Dreamin'" is co-written by JB and BamBam. I would love to see them follow up with this song. This song, I think, is perfect for showcasing their talents. With some slick choreography and cool clothes, this would be perfect. The beat is super addictive and even the rap parts are really nice. The bridge part is super good too.

"Let Me" another track where Mark is part of the production, is another amazing track from this album. This is definitely my second favourite from the album. I love it when they do songs like this. Youngjae's voice fits songs like this. Like his voice is perfect for this type of songs.

There are many hits and misses for me in this album. However there are also some songs that I really like so I'll give this album 4 out of 5.

If you want to listen to the whole album, here it is.

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