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Album Review: Sandeul – ‘Stay As You Are’

By Jaswin Singh | October 11, 2016 06:46 AM EDT


We all know B1A4 as a quirky group. This solo from Sandeul is far far far from that and I really like it.

Here is the tracklist and my review:

Stay As You Are - his title track is really good. I like his voice in this song. It totally sounds different from his b1a4 voice. It totally shows his capacity as a singer. I love ballads like this. Those uplifting like everything will be solved so you need to stop crying but the song itself makes you want to cry.

Home - This song is super good. I love that it has s simple start and then it gets build up. I am a trash for ballads so this one is super good for me. His voice is so emotional and I love the tone of his voice.

My Childhood Story - this one sounds like an old Korean song. It has the sound of a traditional Korean instrument to it. It sounds sad but the lyrics are not. Just like with the first two, this one makes you think of your life and asses everything you have done. The guitar and just his voice made the song ten times better. The part with the drums is also nice as it built up already.

Ya! - I love Mamamoo and Whee In is my bias so this song is like a gift from the universe. I like that Sandeul appreciates Whee In's talents. The song is totally different from the first three. This one is a bit more upbeat but not really a club song. It has a happy vibe and Sandeul's voice complements Whee In's voice nicely.

The Way with You - another upbeat song from the album. I like the violin sound to this song. It made the song unpredictable. This song is the most uplifting one from the album. The piano, his voice and every other sound it has in it blended well together. A very nice song to listen to when you are down.

B1A4 is such a good boy group. All their fans know Sandeul deserve every part of this solo album. I, myself love the album. All of the songs are really good and the first four are really heartfelt and he sounds so vulnerable with it. I'll give this a 4.5 out of 5.

If you haven't listened to it yet, here it is.

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