SHINee Is Indeed “1 of 1” With Their Album

SM always have great b-side tracks and with SHINee their b-side are not just great, they are more than that. So I am hoping I won't be disappointed with this one.

The first line of "Prism" made me like it. Then the beat dropped, I absolutely loved it. Everything about this song is perfect. Jonghyun's sexy voice, Onew's caramel like voice, Taemin's soothing voice and Key's unique voice, everything blended well. I hope they will release this too.

"1 of 1" is the title track. I like the retro feel of this song. It's a first from SHINee. I'm glad they tried something like this. It still has the traditional SHINee sound to it even though it feels and sounds different. It actually reminded me of "Replay" a bit, just more mature.

"Feel Good" sounds like it was from intergalactic before the members sing. Then, Jonghyun's voice was first, I know it will be a good song. It has sa different feel, like you are in a different dimension or something. I can't explain but it is that good.

"Don't Let Me Go" does not really sound like a SHINee song for me. I was shocked when I heard the first few parts. However, it is a great song. I like it. I feel like I am not used to SHINee using real instruments in their songs and not just EDM beat or electronic pop stuff. The song totally suited Jonghyun's voice. The chorus is really nice. It also has that old pop song sound, especially Key's rap part.

"Lipstick" has a bit of RnB feel to it. I really like the chorus. I like its slowness and the sexy feel of the song. Key's voice, for me, stood out in this song.

With "Don't Stop", I love everything! It's has that mysterious feel to it. Their voices are so good in this song. This song is definitely the sexiest track in the album. I also like the beat. The rap kinda ruined it for me. It was very unnecessary.

"SHIFT" this song is definitely the banger one. This song is the most upbeat out of the album.

"U Need Me" is probably my least liked song. It has too many unnecessary sounds. Some parts are also too auto tuned for me. Not really my taste. The rap made it worse. However, the bridge part is really nice.

"So Amazing" is indeed so amazing. Another great song. It also has that retro feel to it. The chorus is really nice. A feel good song. A nice song to end the album.

Conclusion: This album has many out of this world feel song. It is also more on the upbeat side unlike their 'Misconception" trilogy album. I was waiting for a sing like "Orgel" but nothing was like it. It is still a good album though. I'll give this album 4 out of 5.

Listen to the whole album and judge them yourself.

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