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BIGBANG's T.O.P a few steps away from military enlistment as star passes conscripted police exams

By Carlo Rodriguez | November 11, 2016 08:45 PM EST


Last month, it was reported and confirmed that BIGBANG's T.O.P had taken the conscripted police exam in preparation for his impending military enlistment. Millions of hearts will probably break when the rapper-actor finally enlists for his military service and it certainly wouldn't help the poor fans to know that T.O.P had passed the conscripted police exams.

Yes, you heard that right. According to Soompi, T.O.P had successfully passed the exams for the Special Forces conscripted police and this has been announced by the National Police Agency on November 11. Looking back to October 25 when T.O.P first took the test, it was said that if he were to pass the exams, the BIGBANG member is sure to enlist in the military next year. And since he has indeed passed the conscripted police exams, there will be no stopping T.O.P's enlistment now.

T.O.P's enlistment comes with a question that is probably playing in everyone's minds right now: What would become of BIGBANG? Surely, BIGBANG will still have a number of remaining members but soon enough, the other members: G-Dragon, Seungri, Taehyang, and Daesung will likely follow suit. YG explained that since T.O.P is the oldest of the bunch, it was decided that he was to enlist first. It's scary what might happen to their careers once they've all enlisted for the military service.

Surely, they'll go down and be remembered as one of the most iconic K-Pop groups of all time but still, one could not help but fear how their influence and popularity might wane once they leave. And the fact that they might be a little older once they return may prove to be a challenge for them to gain back their level of popularity.

But look on the bright side. BIGBANG isn't dubbed the "Kings of K-Pop" and the "Nation's Boy Band" just for nothing. And they're V.I.P fans are one of the most supportive fan clubs out there so a lot of people would still be anticipating their return.

According to Allkpop, T.O.P had vaguely addressed his impending enlistment during their "BIGBANG 10 The Concert: 0 to 10 - The Final" held in Tokyo Japan.

"I was recently surprised as to how quick time goes by. I feel like my memories with you are constantly growing and for that my heart is filled with happiness. This may just be the last time I will be here in the Tokyo Dome here in Tokyo that is why all of you will be a precious memory for me. Let us hope for more BIGBANG albums in the future." The rapper, who recently celebrated his 29th birthday, said during the concert.

But for now, the boys of BIGBANG are still here and are all still active so it would definitely be best to pour out all the support for their comeback this November.

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