[Album Review] T-ara - ‘Remember’

T-ara has always been releasing great songs after great songs. Since debut and before the incident, their songs have been on top of the charts, they were considered digital monsters.

After the thing, they have continued releasing great songs like "Sugar Free" and "Number 9". Now, "Tiamo" and this whole album, for me, did not live up to par. T-ara is one of my favorite girl groups and I really love them. However, I do not believe in the saying "love is blind" so I will be objective with this one.

"Tiamo" is a nice song. It is a nice mellow dance track. I like the song without the music video. After releasing great music videos (Cry Cry, Roly Poly, Lovey Dovey, Day By Day) I was disappointed with "Tiamo's" music video. The members are super gorgeous but the setting was kinda cheap. The song itself was also not really my thing. I guess I expected more from them since I know they always release great songs.

"Hurt Only Until today" is such a T-ara ballad. I love T-ara ballads. Their ballad sounds a bit different from other groups because for me, they focus on the emotions and vocals and not much in the instrumentals. Like, you can really hear their voices in the song. When it comes to ballads, MBK Entertainment is one of the best.

"Farewell Movie" is another upbeat but mellow track from the album. I feel like this song is better than "Tiamo" for the title track because it has more edge. The beat of the song is strong but the members' voices are soft and fragile that it adds sadness and softness to the song.

The next song is just the Chinese version of "Tiamo" and I am kinda surprised that it sounds better than the Korean one. It was not awkward for me to listen to the song the last one is just the instrumentals of "Tiamo"

T-ara has always been releasing mini album after their debut full album. I really wanted more songs from them so I hope they will release a full album next year. Their "Absolute First Album" is still my favorite album of them.

I hope they will release a song like "Time To Love" or at least "Cry Cry" for their next title track!

What do you think of the song and their album? Did you like it?

If you haven't listened to it yet, here it is!

T-ara remember album review
T-ara Tiamo


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