[Album Review] BTOB Is Our 'New Man' With Mini Album Released

We all know BTOB members are very talented. They have released great song s and albums. I wasn't disappointed with this one.

 NEW MEN - the intro is a great one. It fits the concept and their title track so much. Unlike other intros this one actually is an intro to the album. The members showed off their rapping skills and superb vocals with this song. It is a rock pop and the guitar riffs are amazing. I like Peniel's English parts.

I'll Be Your Man - Now this song, this song, for me, is the best song by a boy group this year! I love everything. From the verses, chorus, bridge, every freaking part of the song is really good. I really like the rap parts that builds up to the chorus. Cube announced that they will be releasing a dance track so I thought it would be like "Beep Beep", which I was not a fan of, but it wasn't. It is more like "Irresistible Lips" and I am very happy about it.
취해 - this song is very different from the title track. It is more mellow and softer. It is also very chill and has a heavier beat sounds than "I'll Be Your Man". In all honesty, they could release this song as the title track too and I will love it. I am not really a fan of

To Me - this song is more on the jazz side. It is a slow song like the third track but slower. It also has RnB influences. It is the type of song you'll listen to when you want to chill with your friends of with your beloved ones. I did not like the rap parts that much especially Peniel's and Minhyuk's but the whistle after that was cute.

Yes I Am - from beginning, the acoustic guitar start, to the blending of the members' voices to the solo singing, everything is perfect. Then the chorus came, it has more background instruments to it, I felt like it was better if the drums were not added but I guess it added emphasis to the intensity of the song and its message. I feel like this song is one of those uplifting type of songs which the whole nation can sing.

"놀러와" - is a very fresh song. This could be also their title track. There is the choir sound in the background before the chorus so it sounds like a church song. It is another feel good song from the album. I feel like after their first ballad single, most BTOB songs are now very positive.

"예지앞사" - is an acoustic song. It emphasizes the vocals of the members. This song is a great song to listen to when it is raining or when you are on a road trip. This is definitely great if BTOB can perform this one live. However, I think that some of the rap parts did not go well with the song. It would be great if they can perform this with just guitar and without the rap.

Overall, the album is really good. BTOB is one of those kpop groups that you just know will release a great album. I'll give this a 4.5 out of 5.

Good job BTOB! Take care of them Cube!

Listen to the whole album yourself and comment your own opinion!

BTOB New Man album
BTOB I'll Be Your Man


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