Fans fall in love with Shinhwa's new track ‘Orange’

Shinhwa ranks as the longest-running K-Pop boy group, having retained all of its original members right from the beginning. The group's adorable and fluffy concept is back with their new track and fans are sure to fall in love in just seconds.

In March 1998, Shinhwa was formed by six members: Eric Mun, Lee Min-woo, Kam Dong-wan, Shin Hye-sung, Jun Jin and Andy Lee. They are one of the best boy groups in South Korea and have been highly-successful throughout their career.

With a long history in K-Pop, Shinhwa has written the template on how to stage an effective comeback after years of being away from the scene. Since their return in 2012, their music proved to be a masterclass in staying relevant among younger, trendier groups, many of which draw inspiration from them in the first place.

Shinhwa recently released a new title track "Orange" under the first part of their 13th studio album, "Unchanging." The album is set to be released in two parts; part two is expected to come out in January 2017, and it forms part of their comeback project.

As expected, Shinhwa's remains inexplicable - the group no longer needs to prove itself to anyone at this point. The entirety of "Orange" has an upbeat sound that can sway listeners to an easy rhythm.

"Orange" is about how Shinhwa members feel about their fans. The song is made for Shinhwa's who have been loyal and loving to the group throughout their years of being together.

As expected, the song has made Shinhwa's fans very happy. Shinhwa has been shown in the music video in the natural habitat and fans have liked it. They have been together in good and bad times, which their fans really appreciate.

Shinhwa's closeness and friendship, as well as their love for their fans, are all represented in the music video.  

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