Former MBLAQ member Thunder releases teasers for upcoming solo featuring Goo Hara

Thunder has released another teaser music video regarding his upcoming solo album. He has released a longer and a sexier music video teaser for his title track "Sign."

In the teaser, Thunder showed his slick dance moves and the awesome choreography of the song. He also looked very different from his MBLAQ days. Moreover, Goo Hara, former Kara member, is featured in hid title track "Sign".

Thunder has done a press conference today for his first ever solo album. In the press con, he voiced out that "It's my first time officially releasing a mini album and I'm really happy that it's received such attention but in a way, there's pressure."

He also said that he feels pressured because it's his first time going solo ever since he left the group. He continued, "During my hiatus, I tried acting and also prepared my album. I officially started preparing for it about one year ago. I spent my days taking lessons and producing."

Thunder has posted on his Instagram his teaser pictures. Also, his sister, former 2NE1member Dara, has been supporting him with his solo. Dara is also featured in Thunder's first ever solo music video.

According to KPopMap, Mystic Entertainment has announced on November 23 that Thunder was going to release a solo album.

After leaving J. Tune Camp late 2014, Thunder joined hands with Mystic Entertainment's music label, APOP Entertainment. Throughout the span of 2 years, Thunder focused on this acting career and composing music for his album.

Thunder hopes to be recognized as a singer-songwriter through his various self-composed and written tracks that will be featured on his solo album.

MBLAQ fans are really happy that Thunder or Cheondong is going to be an idol again after acting for a year. They are excited for his revival.

"Sign" will be released tomorrow at 12 am Korean time.

Are you excited for his first ever solo track?

Watch his teasers below!

Thunder solo
goo hara
Thunder ft Hara


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