Thunder's thoughts on his first solo album

Guess who's back? It's none other than former MBLAQ member, Thunder!

In a recent news by All Kpop, Park Sang Hyun, or more commonly known as Thunder or 천둥 in hangul, just dropped the tracks included in his debut as a solo artist after leaving J.Tune entertainment and MBLAQ.

The self-titled album has a total of five tracks which all showcased Thunder's hidden vocal abilities. As what Mystic Entertainment has said in previous news as written here in Kpop Starz, the songs in this album will reveal the side of Thunder that is past his boy group image.

Fans are expecting Thunder's new album to be more mature and sexier, and perhaps, they are in for some treats!

The tracks in the album are well thought of and are composed by some of Korea's finest artists. The first track on the album is entitled "Look at Me" which is a collaboration with rapper Basick.

Another collaboration that he had for this album was with Giant Pink for his song entitled "In Time". And of course, as some fans may have heard of it already, Thunder also had a song with former KARA member Gu Hara for the song "Sign."

The other two tracks on Thunder's first solo album are entitled "Good" and "Magic Spell."

In a recent press conference for the promotion of his mini album, Thunder expressed his sincerity in the preparation of his album. He told the media that it was indeed a challenge to leave from the shadows of being an MBLAQ member, but during his hiatus, he really prepared a lot.

He even joined some projects as an actor and worked his way in producing some music. Although he is confident with his album, he honestly admitted that he is also nervous and pressured. Thunder also thanked his fans for the continuous support for his career.

Can't wait to hear Thunder's new music? Well, Thunder's self-titled album will be available on December 7 Korean Standard Time. Mark your calendars!

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