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K.A.R.D’s Debut Song 'Oh Nana' Is Not Fit For KBS Broadcast

By jasmooOnce | December 16, 2016 04:21 AM EST


It was announced by KBS that K.A.R.D's debut song "Oh Nana" cannot air or be performed in their broadcast station because it is unfit.

KBS's reason for saying it was unfit for broadcast was because the song stated a brand and that is Instagram. DSP Media responded to the issue by saying they will fix the problem immediately.

KBS has a habit of banning songs that is not explicit or condemning but only because of some brands that the lyrics have.

They have banned many other songs like Wonder Girls "Sweet and Easy" because of the word "Nutella", AKMU's song "Galaxy" that has the word "galaxy" in it because it might be referring to Samsung's "Galaxy" phones.

Mostly, KBS bans a song for its negative statements, cursing, and violence and for "corrupting" the minds of the youth; however, Allkpop has listed some of the most ridiculous reasons that KBS has stated for banning some, songs.

Fans, especially international ones, find it very ridiculous as to how can KBS ban some songs just because of the products it has in it lyrics.

DSP Media has recently debut a new group that is co-ed. Also, Kpopstarz has reported that the group has Kara's former member, Young Ji as its hidden member. K.A.R.D is the first co-ed kpop group in a while.

It has 2 permanent male members, J.Seph and BM and two permanent female members Ji Woo and former April leader Somin.

It seems like many international fans, especially fans in the US like "Oh Nana" because K.A.R.D's debut song "Oh Nana" has entered US iTunes chart. Also, the music video of "Oh Nana" has almost 900,000 views on its official channel.

Meanwhile, K.A.R.D will attend the Sound K's Dal Comm concert this coming Saturday, December 17.

Watch K.A.R.D's "Oh Nana" music video below!

Also, watch their showcase live performance!

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