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I.O.I’s impending disbandment: What will happen to the members?

By jasmooOnce | December 16, 2016 04:37 AM EST


We all know that girl group I.O.I. will disband soon. Though we do not want that to happen, their disbandment needs to happen so they can go back to their respective agencies and girl groups.

What is likely to happen to I.O.I members once they go their separate ways?

First off, Kpopstarz has published an article about Somi and Twice. They stated that Somi will not join Twice and will definitely debut in another girl group. She might do CFs and maybe collaboration or even act before JYP Entertainment release another girl group.

Second girl is Kim Sejeong. I don't think anybody needs to worry about this girl's future. She just proved her marketability and likability is really high (maybe even higher than I.O.I.) with her solo song "Flower Path". Maybe we just need to worry about Gugudan. But I think Jellyfish will find their way with them.

Third place is the talented cutie pie Yoo Jung. Yoo Jung is under Fantagio and that alone makes me worry. Fantagio has to debut Yoo Jung with the right group and the right song so her moment will not stop. I.O.I. fans know that Yoo Jung can sing, dance, rap and do variety shows. This girl can do everything!

Fourth member is Chungha. Chungha is more or less as talented as Yoo Jung, sans the variety and energy. She is under M&H Entertainment, a very small entertainment company. She might debut as a solo singer. If she is marketed right, she can be the next Lee Hyori.

Fifth girl is Sohye. Sohye, I think, will continue her acting career. She has the fan base and talent in acting that can support her so she is on her way.

 Sixth place is Pinky. Pinky is going to debut with Pledis Girlz. Pledis Entertainment is rising again so they will probably do well with Pledis Girlz. Plus, Pledis Girlz has some of the most talented trainees so they will definitely do well if given the right song.

The next one is Jung Chaeyeon. Chaeyeon is already doing many things outside of I.O.I now so I don't think I need to elaborate as to what will happen to her.

Kim Doyeon is going to debut with Yoo Jung on Fantagio's new girl group. Maybe Doyeon will be the next "it" girl with her charm, talent and chicness. She is often compared to the legendary actress Jun Ji Hyun so she might also act one day. I do want to see her in a drama.

Kang Mina is already in Gugudan. Mina is not really a stand out member for me right now, unlike during "Produce 101". She was more entertaining during that show unlike with I.O.I's reality programs.

Lim Nayoung will definitely be with Pinky on Pledis Girlz. She is going to be their leader and will do well like what she did with I.O.I.

Last but definitely not the least is Yoo Yeonjung. Yeon Jung has joined Cosmic Girls and they will be having a comeback next year. I think Starship is slowing things down with them but I do think they will be as famous as Sistar one day.

Also, Koreaboo  has stated the reason as to Why I.O.O will never be forgotten as a group.

Meanwhile, Kpopstarz has reported that I.O.I. will have a concert before going their separate ways. They will be seeing their fans for the last time together. 

Who do you think will do really well after I.O.I?

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